Compen­sation Planning Outlook

Updated: September 7, 2021

Labour market gets boost from vaccine rollout

Each year, the Conference Board’s Compensation Planning Outlook provides a trusted forecast for compensation and HR professionals across the country. This report gives the most up-to-date data, essential for any organization looking to secure the talent they need to succeed in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

The Compensation Planning Outlook summarizes the results of the Conference Board’s annual survey. This data briefing will discuss the effect of the vaccine rollout, the labour market and how employers are responding

Data Briefing

Based on the insights of 363 Canadian organizations— representing over 1 million employees—that participated in the Compensation Planning Outlook 2022 survey, this data briefing provides comprehensive information on:

  • The pay environment
  • Non-unionized pay increases*
  • Incentive pay and plans
  • Labour market challenges

* Data for unionized employees will be presented in the Labour Relations Outlook 2022: The Bargaining Environment (forthcoming)


2.4%—projected 2022 salary increase for non-unionized employees


9%—organizations planning a 2022 pay freeze across all employee groups

50%—organizations that exceeded short-term incentive target payouts

24%—organizations that do not yet have preliminary 2022 budget recommendations

I can always count on The Conference Board of Canada to give me the most up-to-date and accurate salary planning data. Year after year, I eagerly await this trusted publication to plan my company’s salary range adjustments and merit budget.

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