Metropolitan Housing Starts

Updated: May 27, 2022

The Metropolitan Housing Starts analyzes the recent trends in housing starts for 28 metropolitan areas and expectations for new housing over both the short and long terms. The Conference Board’s forecasting experts can show you what’s happening in your city.

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Largely negative expectations

Latest issue: May 2022

Longer-Term Expectations Continue to Be Largely Negative

There are only three CMAs in the Up-Up quandrant this month, one fewer than the previous month. Montréal is the only city in Quebec with negative both short- and long-term expectations this month. The CMAs with the biggest year-over-year percentage decrease in housing starts in April were Thunder Bay, Kitchener–Waterloo, London, Kingston, and Greater Sudbury.

Housing Starts Falls Below Six-Month Average in Majority of CMAs

Latest issue: April 29, 2022

There are four CMAs in the up-up quadrant this month, one more than the previous month. Just over half of the CMAs in this outlook had lower housing starts in March than their three-month moving average. April starts were lower than the six-month moving average in three-quarters of the CMAs.

Positive Expectations Getting Harder to Come By

Issue release: March 24, 2022

There are just three CMAs in the up-up quadrant this month—one fewer than the previous month. Expectations for the long-term are positive in only 25 per cent of the CMAs covered here. In nearly 36 per cent (10 of 28), expectations are negative for both the short and long terms.

Metropolitan areas covered


Jane McIntyre

Jane McIntyre

Principal Economist

Jane McIntyre is a Principal Economist with the Economic Forecasting team. In her role, Jane oversees the forecasts for 29 Census Metropolitan Areas (CMAs) in CBoC’s Major Cities Impact product. She also produces a monthly monitor of housing starts in 28 cities, which includes a short and long-term expectation measure.

For the Conference Board’s National and Provincial Outlooks, Jane is responsible for the fishing and trapping sector, as well as the province of Newfoundland and Labrador.

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