Rebekah Steele

Rebekah Steele

Diversity & Inclusion Breakthroughs

Rebekah believes we can design a future that makes the most of a full mix of people to address our most complex challenges in business and society.

A business strategist with 25+ years of experience in D&I, Rebekah has held senior leadership roles in Fortune 500 companies. Currently principal of her own consultancy, Rebekah specializes in bringing innovative, comprehensive, sustainable, and business-linked D&I strategies to life. Whether partnering with start-ups or established global organizations, Rebekah helps progressive leaders around the globe achieve fresh D&I solutions via her signature D&I innovation labs, distinctive ecosystem strategy design, and whole new approach to inclusion.

Across all of her work, Rebekah thoughtfully combines Innovation, Integration, Transformation, and Impact to build stronger organizations and outcomes.

Rebekah is a regularly invited speaker on next-generation D&I, the author of Design the Future: Breakthroughs with diversity, inclusion, and design thinking, and co-author of the award-winning article, Diversity & Inclusion and Innovation: a virtuous cycle. Learn more at

Speaking at: B1- Design the Future: A Whole New approach to Driving and Measuring Inclusion