Nathalie Laurin

Nathalie Laurin

Leadership Coach and Facilitator, The Niagara Institute

Nathalie is a highly skilled leadership coach, trainer and facilitator who specializes in helping leaders thrive. She excels in helping them gain insight and understanding around their strengths and challenges and how to address internal misunderstandings that perpetuate their personal struggles. Through the power of her coaching, leaders gain an overall sense of wellbeing, a heightened level of awareness and make the shifts needed to succeed.

Nathalie is a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation, as well as an Erickson Certified Professional Coach. After working for ten years in the non-profit sector and another ten years in the federal government, Nathalie now operates her own professional services company in which she offers training, facilitation and coaching to her clients. She is also an Associate Leadership Coach and Facilitator for the Niagara Institute and an Associate Trauma Informed Coach and Executive Coach with Moving the Human Spirit.

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