Disability claims for mental health issues have become a top concern for Canadian employers. Organizations have adopted mental wellness strategies to help employees thrive and to protect psychological safety … but how effective are these strategies? Ultimately, the employee experience is significantly influenced by their employers’ ability to implement an effective wellness strategy.

What to expect

Mental Health in the Capital 2020 will focus on two core topics: employee experience and the link to psychological safety.

How do we define employee experience? It’s the everyday experiences—positive and negative—that affect employees’ mental health and impact their career life cycle from entry to exit. Positive experiences range from rewards and recognition for outstanding work to healthy manager-employee relationships, clarity on roles and responsibilities, and how employees are valued within the organization. Negative experiences can include unclear expectations on what success looks like, exposure to incivility, and feelings of exclusion.

Mounting research suggests that psychological safety plays an important role in predicting whether the employee experience will be positive or negative. Making a commitment to create a psychologically safe workplace is much easier than achieving this outcome. How employers follow through on their commitment with evidence-based programming, program evaluation, and audits influences their degree of success.

Leading insights with practical take-aways:

  • Awareness—Understanding the impact employee experience can have on your employees’ health and productivity is critical. You will explore how examining your mental health initiatives through the lens of employee experience can help determine how effective these initiatives are.
  • Empathy—Check-the-box initiatives are no longer acceptable. The stakes around employee psychological safety are too high, and the financial costs affect the bottom line when initiatives don’t have the desired result. Employee expectations are increasing, as are changes in occupational health and safety legislation, and employers are being held more accountable for facilitating psychological safety. Match expectations and gain insights on what you can do to influence the employee experience.
  • Action—You will get exposure to experts and peers who will provide insight to help positively influence the employee experience. These new insights can help you introduce new ways of thinking that will challenge the status quo.
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Speakers & Agenda

We’re hard at work developing an outstanding agenda with top-notch speakers. Please check this page for updates.

Highlights from last year’s conference

The Mental Health in the Capital conference has been ongoing since 2018. Here are highlights from Mental Health in the Capital 2019:

  • 216 attendees
  • 4.2/5 overall satisfaction

Number of attendees by job function:

Human Resources

Some of our noteworthy speakers

Ryan McCarthy

Ryan McCarthy

Co-Founder Culture of Good

Lisa MacLeod

Jean François Ménard

Founder and President, Kambio Performance Mental Performance Specialist, Consultant and Speaker

Sapna Mahajan

Sapna Mahajan

Director, Centre of Expertise on Mental Health in the Workplace Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat

Senator Stan Kutcher

Senator Stan Kutcher

Affiliation: Independent Senators Group





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