Emerging technologies like AI and Robotics present significant potential for businesses and governments alike. Is your organization ready to adopt what’s available now? And what about the technologies that are just around the corner?

Embracing Innovation 2020 sheds light on key emerging technologies, and showcases how Canadian businesses can put them into action. These technologies hold the potential to disrupt business models across major sectors of the Canadian economy. Learn how to assess, adopt and implement technologies, and get ahead of the mainstream.

Walk away with a firm understanding of emerging technologies and key, near-term applications. Find out how to benefit from adopting emerging technologies, while mitigating the risks of large-scale job market disruptions.

Adapt to the fundamental technological shift

Embracing Innovation 2020 will primarily revolve around two emerging technologies:

  1. Artificial intelligence
  2. Robotics

Both technologies have been touted as disruptors of modern, knowledge-based economies. Now, both have matured enough to be adopted by “non-innovator” companies.

A recent survey of businesses by McKinsey reports that “nearly half of respondents say their organizations have embedded at least one into their standard business processes, while another 30 per cent report piloting the use of AI.”

For Robotics, a BCG survey of businesses recently found that “Most producers recognize that advanced robotic systems will play an important role in the factory of the future, and they are optimistic about the potential to increase the use of these systems…. Approximately 70% of survey respondents describe these functionalities as very relevant to their future production.”

Gain solid, actionable knowledge so that your organization can build its capacity, resilience, and processes to evolve alongside emerging technologies.

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Conference themes

Overview of artificial intelligence and its key sectoral applications that are:

  • currently available
  • expected to be available in the medium term

Overview of robotics and its key sectoral applications that are:

  • currently available
  • expected to be available in the medium term
  • Fundamental changes to core business processes/functions
  • Shifts in corporate culture e.g. change management, digitization, risk tolerance, flexibility, etc.
  • Continuous upgrading of skills and competencies for the workforce i.e. collaboration, complex problem solving, resilience, etc.
  • Looking beyond tax breaks or investments to procure advanced technologies
  • Policy options to mitigate primary impediments to technology adoptions
  • Successfully engaging with small and medium sized businesses to address technology adoption challenges
  • Developing a more comprehensive measurement framework that includes “capabilities to innovate”




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