International Cooperation

The Conference Board of Canada has been working in the areas of international co-operation, Trade, and Investment Policy for more than 25 years. This work has become an excellent way for the Board to develop insights about organizations’ management and performance in a global context. At the same time, these activities have supported Canada’s international development objectives. Such experience has enabled the Board to supplement its domestic expertise and leverage it to the advantage of members.

This work can be classified into three major areas:

  • Delivery of knowledge based on rigorous research by a multidisciplinary team of professionals.
  • Project management and delivery of networking events and large group consultation processes with a focus on trade and Investment issues
  • Project management of projects funded by the development section of Global Affairs Canada (GAC). Most projects have focused on international capacity building in support of trade, economic, public policy and governance reforms.

The Board is currently acting as the Executing Agency for the following projects:

  • Canada–Ukraine Trade and Investment Support (CUTIS) Project, 2016–21
  • Indonesia–Canada Trade and Private Sector Assistance (TPSA) Program, 2014–19 
  • Canada–America’s Trade Related Technical Assistance (CATRTA) Program, 2009–17

Completed Projects

  • Evidence-Based Economic Development Planning in Ukraine (EBED), 2009–15
  • Socio-Economic Performance and Potential Analysis Capacity (SEPPAC) in Ukraine, 2006–09
  • APEC Economic Integration Program, 2005–10
  • Ukraine-National State Budget Analysis by Secretariat of the President, 2008
  • Ukraine Train the Trainer Workshop and Manual on Labour Market Assessment (LMA) and Labour Market Forecasting, 2008
  • The Public Policy Options Project (China Phase I and II), 1997–07
  • European Union Enlargement and the Impact on Canada-EU Relations, 2006
  • Policy Options Project-An assessment of China’s Cyclic Economy, 2006–07
  • Thailand International Development Co-operation (TICA) Training Program, 2005–06
  • Cooperation Project with the Thailand Development Research Institute, 2004–05
  • Economic Decision Making in Ukraine
  • Modernization of the Ministry of Finance in Morocco
  • Technical Advisor to the Vietnam Program at CIDA
  • The Applied Economic Institutes Linkages Project (AERIL) in China
  • The Applied Economic Policy Linkages Project in India
  • Phase 1&2 of the Asia Pacific Economic Co-operation (APEC) project
  • Modernization of the Ministry of Finance in Tunisia

The Conference Board looks for international partnerships to facilitate the delivery of large international co-operation projects.

For example, the Board has developed a partnership with:

  • Canada Ukraine Chamber of Commerce (CUCC) to deliver CUTIS;
  • Estey Centre for Law and Economics in International Trade to deliver APEC EIP;
  • Institute for Public Administration of Canada to deliver the Public Policy Options project in China;
  • Universalia Management Group to deliver the Technical Advisory Project to CIDA’s Vietnam program.
Trade, Investment Policy and International Cooperation


For more information on International Cooperation please contact:

Paul Darby
Executive Director, International Programs
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Dan Lemaire
Senior Project Manager, International Programs
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