Executive Networks

“A wise investment for extremely valuable open and unbiased peer networking not found anywhere else in Canada!”

—John A. Hill, Senior Vice President, Consumer IT, Rogers Communication

Our executive networks provide participants a “peers learning from peers” environment. Participants come away with insight into emerging information technology, innovation and technology trends and with tools to turn their initiatives into success.

Council for Chief Data and Analytics Officers

The mandate of the Council for Chief Data and Analytics Officers (CCDAO) is to enable the attainment and optimization of value from data analytics. The Council offers a unique opportunity for Canadian public and private sector executives and their organizations to become more dynamic and competitive in their use of data analytics.

Council of Chief Information Officers

The Council of Chief Information Officers challenges participants to a higher level of thinking through stimulating discussion focused on new knowledge and strategic issues and concerns related to the field. It is for senior leaders who have overall strategic responsibility for the information technology management function in their organization and are committed to enhancing their practices and their organizations’ performance through peer-to-peer networking, professional development opportunities and research services.


Council for Information Technology Executives

The Council for Information Technology Executives (CITE) brings together senior IT executives to investigate and discuss leading-edge issues related to the field of information technology. CITE acts as the common voice of both private and public sector organizations to develop best practices, nurture the growth of Canadian IT specialists, and partner with influential bodies to increase awareness of the IT profession.


Council for Innovation and Commercialization

The Council for Innovation and Commercialization is a network of senior executives from the public, private, and academic sectors focused on enhancing organizational performance, productivity, and competitiveness through improved management of innovation, technology, and knowledge.


Council on Information and Knowledge Management

The Council on Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM) brings together senior leaders from public and private sector organizations who are responsible for knowledge management, knowledge strategy, information and collaboration management, crowd sourcing of ideas, and related functions. Together these leaders share their experiences and expertise in a peer-to-peer environment as they strive to leverage and maximize the value of their organization's most important assets—knowledge, information, and people.


Council for Innovation Procurement in Health Care

The sustainability of Canada’s public health care system will depend in large part on innovations that can enhance the efficiency, safety, quality, and productivity of health and health care services. Every year, governments in Canada spend billions of public dollars on products and services. If used appropriately, this purchasing power could boost innovations in the health care sector and improve system performance. The experience in other countries suggests that Canada has a compelling opportunity to accelerate the development and adoption of innovation in public health care by transforming its procurement processes.

Cyber Security Centre

Cyber security continues to dominate headlines globally, creating new challenges across the public and private sectors. In addition to the direct risks of significant financial losses and privacy issues, the impact of reputational damage from a cyber security event continues to escalate. The rapid evolution of technology combined with the ability of attackers to quickly adapt and develop new offensive tools and techniques, further exacerbates the problem. Organizations need to keep adapting to this changing landscape or risk succumbing to new threats.

Centre for Business Innovation (CBI)

The Centre for Business Innovation (CBI) as a five-year initiative to help bring about major improvements in firm-level business innovation in Canada. The Centre's focus will be on business innovation in the largest sense. This holistic approach will provide the Centre with an opportunity to generate a comprehensive set of diagnostics and solutions that address innovation at every stage of business activity. This all-encompassing approach to innovation will afford the Centre a highly sophisticated and integrated view that we believe is essential to overcome the obstacles that have so far inhibited business innovation.


“My involvement in CIKM equips me with leading edge expertise in KM theory, communities, social learning concepts, and web tools. The network allows me to leverage a range of organizational experience and apply best practices and lessons learned in my own organization. Farm Credit has been part of CIKM since its inception and the takeaways from CIKM have informed and helped guide a successful evolution of Knowledge Management within our organization.”

—Farm Credit Canada

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