Index of Corporate Innovation

Leading organizations actively re-invent themselves, continually creating new and improved goods or services as well as new internal business processes. All in an effort to meet, or even dictate, the demands of the market. So, in today’s highly competitive world, who doesn’t want to be on the leading edge of innovation performance? More importantly, who can afford not to?

Canadian business leaders acknowledge that innovation is a strategic corporate priority. Research shows that more innovative firms are not only purposeful in their innovative activities; they also demonstrate superior business performance. Executives, however, need better data regarding obstacles to innovation, they want compelling evidence to invest in innovation, and they want to be able to audit their innovation performance.

To help organizations measure their innovative capabilities and performance, The Conference Board of Canada is pleased to announce the release of the Index of Corporate Innovation (ICI). This diagnostic tool, offered for the first time in the marketplace, helps organizations to better reach their business objectives -- allowing them to assess, benchmark and improve innovation inside the firm.

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