Education and Learning

The Education and Learning department helps leaders work together to develop a skilled and innovative society that will prepare Canadians for today’s knowledge-based economy. We conduct leading-edge research, facilitate dialogue, recognize excellence and communicate results, creating maximum impact and change in Canada's educational practices and policies.

In 1990, The Conference Board of Canada established the National Business and Education Centre, now simply known as Education and Learning. The original goal of the department was to work with organizations to develop and promote Canada’s education and learning systems. Over the years, Education and Learning has expanded its focus to cover the full range of education and learning that affects individuals and organizations in Canada. The Education and Learning group has grown to include strategic research in public education, employability skills, innovation through learning and workplace learning outcomes.

Centre for Skills and Post-Secondary Education

The SPSE will address Canada’s advanced skills needs by helping to renew the roles, structure, activities and impact of the post-secondary education (PSE) system, while ensuring its operational sustainability.

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