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Travel and tourism provides employment for millions of Canadians, generates billions in revenues for businesses from coast to coast to coast, and strengthens communities across Canada.

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The Canadian Tourism Research Institute serves the travel and tourism industry by providing in-depth analysis of travel activity by both Canadians and visitors. We offer timely and insightful data interpretation to keep subscribers up-to-date on trends and market intelligence though consolidated global data, regional forecasts, and seasonal travel surveys.

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Why Subscribe to Our Travel and Tourism Data?

We provide current data, timely analysis, and focused research to help you understand market activity and future opportunities based on current behaviours and historical trends.

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Travel Activity Within Canada

Subscribers gain access to comprehensive national and provincial forecasts and expert analysis of the domestic and inbound travel markets.

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Outbound Canada

Outbound Canada subscribers receive monthly, quarterly, and annual information products that include current outbound trip volumes, leisure travel trends, and regional outlooks.

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Custom Research and Modelling

With decades of multidisciplinary experience and groundbreaking tourism modelling, our research team offers unique insights and solutions.

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What You Receive

Expert modelling

Current and historical data

Consolidated information

Decades of experience

What We Provide

Although travel and tourism is one of the most resilient sectors, tourism businesses must continuously adapt to new challenges and evolving market demands. We have the data, insights, and analysis to help you succeed!

  • Current data on the latest trip volumes
  • Seasonal travel intentions and trip characteristics
  • Short- and medium-term travel forecasts by origin and destination
  • Information about market trends and opportunities
  • Insights into travel motivations and barriers
  • Analysis of economic and demographic indicators

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Travel Markets Outlook: 2-Year

These reports offer in-depth analysis and forecasts for tourism activity in Canada’s provinces and major metropolitan areas, including inbound activity from the United States and overseas.

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