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Travel and Tourism

Tourism spending in Canada is approaching $90 billion and its impact on the economy is far-reaching. Over 600,000 Canadian jobs are directly tied to tourism activity with many more supported through the supply chain. Canada’s natural beauty and the energy and creativity of its towns and cities and the vast geography which makes up Canada annually attracts the curious from all over the world. Canadians are explorers as well, seeking exotic adventures in remote locations.

The Canadian Tourism Research Institute serves the travel and tourism industry by providing sound insights, foresights and models. With timely and insightful interpretation of data, subscribers are kept up-to-date on what’s hot and what’s not.

What we can do for you—Visitor and Convention Bureaus, federal and provincial tourism departments and suppliers to the industry can select the products best suited to their individual needs:

Travel Activity within Canada

Canadian Tourism Research Institute (CTRI)

Subscribers are kept current about the domestic and inbound travel markets with comprehensive reports on key trends and forecasts.

  • Travel Exclusive—a bi-monthly newsletter providing tourism suppliers, analysts and executives with the latest trends in the industry.
  • Travel Markets Outlook (TMO)—National Focus—a comprehensive source of travel forecasts for the Canadian tourism industry. TMO: National Focus includes travel information from key inbound markets such as the US, UK, France, Germany, and Japan. The report is produced twice per year (October and April).
  • Travel Markets Outlook (TMO)—Metropolitan Focus—an extension of the Travel Markets Outlook: National Focus delivering timely travel trends and forecasting information for nine Canadian cities. The report is produced twice per year (October and April).
  • Tourism Sector Performance Monitor—semi-annual review (February & August) of the performance of Canada's tourism sector for Canada, 10 provinces and 9 major Canadian cities.
  • Travel Indicators—Facts and figures compiled to help travel destinations and operators anticipate market demand. Monthly updates are provided for each key market segment on hotel trends, non-resident trips to Canada as well as airline seat capacity and routings on scheduled carriers. Key economic indicators and forecasts at both the national and provincial level are updated on a quarterly basis.

To learn more about the Canadian Tourism Research Institute, contact us. To apply for membership, complete the Application Form.

Tourism Economic Assessment Model (TEAM)

Travel-related organizations such as Visitor and Convention Bureaus, federal and provincial tourism departments that require reliable figures on the regional and/or provincial economic impacts of tourism related activities will find the TEAM product a valuable resource.

TEAM estimates the direct, indirect and induced economic impact for 60 measures including employment (jobs and/or personal years), compensation, and gross domestic product (GDP); and by categorical industry output. Unlike many economic impact models, TEAM uses the latest actual tax rates to ensure that the information and impacts reported for key measures are accurate and up-to-date.

Subscribers to TEAM have the option of receiving economic impact studies on an as-needed basis or use the TEAM software themselves to conduct economic impact analysis on their own. (Basic training is provided.)

To learn more about the TEAM software, contact Greg Hermus, Associate Director at 613-526-3280 ext. 244 or by e-mail.

International Travel Activity

Outbound Canada

Canadians spend more than $35 billion annually while travelling outside the country. Canadians travel outside the country for leisure purposes at more than two times the rate per capita as do Americans. More than 100 countries and countless attractions, airlines and tour operators are looking to grab a larger share of Canada’s lucrative leisure travel market. They rely on the Canadian Tourism Research Institute for its comprehensive and current analyses of the Canadian outbound travel market.

Outbound Canada subscribers are provided with a suite of information products designed to keep executives informed on the latest outbound leisure travel trends and forecasts. Among the products included in a subscription are:

Outbound Canada Monthly Report
“Outbound Canada” has become the standard for timely and reliable monthly information on both the Canadian and US outbound travel markets. Arrivals figures are obtained each month from the statistical agencies in more than forty countries thereby providing subscribers with the most reliable and timely information available. Hotel price competitiveness information for key US, European and Asian cities are tracked monthly and reported in Canadian dollars. The Outbound Canada report is the main information source used by travel organizations to prepare monthly performance reports.

Summer and Winter Vacation Travel Outlooks
Canadian travel patterns vary considerably between the summer and winter travel seasons. Our bi-monthly travel intentions surveys provide subscribers with the most current outlook for the winter and summer travel seasons. Using a databank of more than twenty years worth of travel intentions survey data, we are able to provide the most reliable outlook for subscribers of the current winter or summer travel seasons. A range of indicators are surveyed including the websites travellers plan to use, packages versus independent travel, use of travel agents, use of mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets, trip motivations and much more.

Travel Insurance Industry Outlook
Canada’s travel insurance companies are an important part of the outbound travel industry. Subscribers receive annual reports on the outlook for Canada’s travel insurance industry and Canada’s “Snowbird” travel market. Each year, Canada’s major travel insurers submit their policy and premium sales data to the Conference Board. This proprietary data is combined with our surveys of Canadians and their travel insurance buying behavior to forecast policy and premium sales for the next two years. All major Canadian travel insurers have been providing data for these crucial annual reports for more than fifteen years.

Five Year Outbound Leisure Travel Forecasts
Longer term travel forecasts are a necessity for strategic planners. Our annual five year forecasts employs not only demographic and economic variables, but also surveys of travel intentions over the next five years, forecasts of direct seat capacity and tourism infrastructure development activity. Separate five year forecasts are provided for countries in the Asia/Pacific region, Europe, the Caribbean and Mexico and for the US. The economic, social and environmental factors that will influence Canadian outbound leisure travel over the next five years are reported.

Outbound Canada Tracking Service

Subscribers to the Outbound Canada Tracking Service (OCTS) receive all of the reports and benefits of an “Outbound Canada” subscription plus a higher level of client service. OCTS subscribers receive the full results of three winter travel intentions surveys and two summer travel intentions surveys. They also received monthly passenger deplanement reports and forecasts for six US destinations. Subscribers also receive our winter seat capacity outlook for the Caribbean and Mexico in September each year. Only OCTS subscribers receive our detailed winter package price reports for Cuba, Mexico, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic. OCTS subscribers also receive high priority when submitting information requests.

To subscribe to Outbound Canada or the Outbound Canada Tracking Service, contact Jennifer Hendry, Senior Research Associate by telephone at 613-526-3090 ext. 324 or by e-mail.

Custom Work

With over 20 years of experience in the travel industry, the staff of the Canadian Tourism Research Institute (CTRI) can offer unique insights and solutions to all aspects of the travel market. Our independence and reputation for modelling and providing reliable economic information and forecasts makes us the go-to place for reliable information.

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