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Research centres bring together stakeholders with common interests to dig into a defined research agenda. Membership in a centre allows your research dollars to go further by not having to cover the full costs.

The research guides each centre’s convening activity. Meetings are opportunities for you to engage with the content, stay on top of the issues, and learn from—and teach—other members.

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The Centre for the North is a positive force for constructive, evidence-based policy-making and societal change in northern Canada. It produces top quality research studies and stimulates open and transparent debate about the most pressing northern issues of our time.

Dr. Ken Coates, Canada Research Chair in Regional Innovation, Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy, University of Saskatchewan

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Centre for a Clean Energy Growth Economy

Energy and energy systems play a central role in Canada’s economy. They will also be an integral part of our transition to a clean growth economy. This centre supports the research and dialogue needed to address climate change without sacrificing economic growth and social well-being.

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Indigenous & Northern Communities
Centre for the North

This collaborative research initiative provides a safe space for constructive dialogue on Northern issues. The centre embraces the North’s diversity and works to fill the knowledge gaps that challenge decision-making and policy development on Northern and Indigenous policy issues.

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Canadian Economics
Global Commerce Centre

The success of Canada’s trade sector is critical to our economic growth and regional development. As the global trade context is increasingly challenging, the Global Commerce Centre analyzes emerging global shifts, identifies the challenges they may bring, and explores trade opportunities.

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National Immigration Centre

Canada needs global talent now more than ever—our 21stcentury prosperity depends on effectively recruiting human, social, and financial capital. This centre brings stakeholders together to enhance Canada’s immigration system.

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Value-Based Healthcare Canada

Value-based healthcare is about putting patients first when designing and managing health systems. This research centre is dedicated to an evidence-based approach to building and expanding value-based healthcare approaches across Canada.

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Human Resources
Workplace Mental Health Research Centre

We believe strong workplace mental health is the cornerstone of employee engagement and productivity—and employers have a pivotal role to play. This centre was established to increase awareness and understanding of this issue through research, analysis and dialogue.

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The Global Commerce Centre fosters engagement between public and private sectors, informed by excellent research, to address challenges and grow Canada’s global footprint.

Ailish Campbell, ADM and Chief Trade Commissioner, Global Affairs Canada


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