Slaying the Inflation Dragon: What More Can We Do?

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Slaying the Inflation Dragon: What More Can We Do?

Canadian Economics
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Author: The Conference Board of Canada


The Bank of Canada has been aggressive in trying to contain inflation this past year. But there are tools and tactics that governments, businesses, and ordinary Canadians can use to help.

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In this research, we highlight the progress we’ve already made at reducing high inflation, and what actions different groups can take to reduce it further.

How much has inflation slowed? Will there be more interest rate hikes? What can we do to help bring inflation back to the Bank of Canada’s target of 2 per cent?

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Key findings
Inflation: The economic story of 2022
Critical juncture for the Bank of Canada: Communication is key
Governments have multiple tools at their disposal
Businesses have a role to play
Consumers can play a part
Concluding thoughts
Appendix A—Bibliography

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