LinkedIn for the Public Sector: Leverage Your Community and Protect Your Reputation

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LinkedIn for the Public Sector: Leverage Your Community and Protect Your Reputation

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Author: The Conference Board of Canada


In this webinar you will learn about:

  • Best in class government campaigns in Canada, including CRA, Elections Canada, Health Canada and provincial governments, and how they have led the way on LinkedIn.
  • How to leverage LinkedIn’s entire ecosystem to use the platform to its fullest extent.
  • Targeting opportunities on LinkedIn to get your message in front of the people that matter.
  • Creative best practices to make you a leader on the LinkedIn platform.

About Jennifer

Jennifer Urbanski Currently an Account Executive for LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, Jennifer Urbanski leads the Government vertical in Canada. In this role, Jennifer works with Federal and Provincial Departments and Ministries as well as Canada’s largest Crown Corporations and regional Economic Development organizations, to develop social strategies that meet their digital marketing objectives and drive performance on LinkedIn’s platform by targeting over 500 million business professionals worldwide.

Jennifer also acts as LinkedIn Canada’s Government Relations representative working with party leaders and public servants to build their professional brand on LinkedIn and create effective content to educate the public on priority initiatives. Most recently, Jennifer helped to secure Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as a LinkedIn Influencer by working with his digital and editorial leads within the PMO and the team recently celebrated his 1M follower milestone!

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Social media has transformed the way we live; it’s democratic, unpredictable, exhilarating. And of course, it’s those very qualities that make it susceptible to ugliness at times.

The organizations that succeed in this sometimes-frenetic environment are generally those who display a commitment to stay on top of this ever-evolving world. They maintain a constant presence. They engage in dialogue, and do it in a human voice. They use the platforms to add value for citizens at key moments.

But even organizations with the strongest online presence have met pitfalls on social media. A lack of control over the material that appears alongside their messages can threaten a brands’ reputation, through no fault of their own.

This isn’t an easy problem for government departments to resolve. Action over fake news, aggressive dialogue and compromised safety needs to be balanced with the need to maintain freedom of speech – and the dynamism that makes social media so popular. Brands need to be sure of the company they keep. That means choosing platforms where content will be easy to view, and not vulnerable to fraud or brand risk – the three priorities of media quality, as ranked by advertising professionals.

This is why LinkedIn is twice as trusted as their nearest rival, and three times as trusted to protect users’ privacy and data and to be clear of rogue content.

In this 60-minute webinar, Jennifer Urbanski, Government Lead for Canada, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, will share how LinkedIn is protected from fake news and aggressive dialogue by the nature of the platform and the community that surrounds it.

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