Canada’s Clean Energy Growth Economy Indicators

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Canada’s Clean Energy Growth Economy Indicators

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Author: The Conference Board of Canada


This interactive dashboard monitors Canada’s progress toward a clean energy growth economy, tracking indicators under three themes: economy, environment, and society. Users can filter by energy segment and reference period.

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Document Highlights

Canada is making good progress. Pricing carbon emissions, adopting new regulations, and investing in innovative technology are driving sustainable outcomes.

Canada’s economy is becoming more energy-efficient. Economic growth has outpaced total energy use over the past two decades.

Technology and environmental practices are improving. Firms are increasing output and decreasing associated emissions and impacts. Sustaining this trend is key.

The environmental performance of energy consumers is falling. Water consumption is increasing and the volume of GHGs emitted by consumers is concerning.

Energy producers are on a positive path following weaker environmental performance earlier in the decade. GHG emissions are down, energy intensity is down, and the energy mix is adding renewables.

Energy affordability continues to improve as consumer prices are outpacing growth in energy prices. But not all Canadians enjoy easy access to low-cost or clean energy.

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