The Conference Board of Canada Joins the Canada Plastics Pact

Ottawa, September 13, 2022 – The Conference Board of Canada, the country’s leading independent research organization, has joined Canada Plastics Pact (CPP), an organization tackling plastic waste and pollution, in an industry-led multi-stakeholder collaboration platform.

“The Conference Board of Canada is committed to researching and understanding how organizations and government can accelerate Canada’s transition towards a circular plastics economy,” said Signi Schneider, Vice President, The Conference Board of Canada. “Joining the Canada Plastics Pact provides an important avenue for us to work collaboratively with organizations to address the root causes of plastics pollution and how we can transition to a more sustainable future.”

The Conference Board of Canada is joining CPP as an Implementation Partner with a goal of supporting the organization’s ambitious Roadmap to 2025. Working with CPP and the multitude of partners from various sectors across Canada, the group will collectively work to advocate for a circular plastics economy that ensure plastic is safely reused, recycled or composted.

“The Conference Board of Canada is a leading independent research organization that has released a wide range of research around numerous complex challenges,” says Sinead King, Director of Partnership Engagement at Canada Plastics Pact. “We’re pleased to have them join the Canada Plastics Pact to provide unique insights into the plastic waste crisis.”

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About the Conference Board of Canada:

The Conference Board of Canada is the country’s leading independent research organization. Our mission is to empower and inspire leaders to build a stronger future for all Canadians through our trusted research and unparalleled connections. Follow The Conference Board of Canada on Twitter @ConfBoardofCda.

About the Canada Plastics Pact:

The Canada Plastics Pact (CPP) is tackling plastic waste and pollution, as a multi-stakeholder, industry-led, cross-value chain collaboration platform. The CPP brings together Partners who are united behind a vision of creating a circular economy in Canada in which plastic waste is kept in the economy and out of the environment. It unites businesses, government, non-governmental organizations and other key actors in the local plastics value chain behind clear actionable targets for 2025. The Canada Plastics Pact is a member of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Global Plastics Pact network. It operates as an independent initiative of The Natural Step Canada, a national charity with over 25 years experience advancing science, innovation and strategic leadership aimed at fostering a strong and inclusive economy that thrives within nature’s limits.

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