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National Immigration Centre

2017 Immigration Conference audience and speaker

Purpose of the Centre

Immigration is more important to Canada's prosperity than ever before due to the country's rapidly aging population and low birth rate. As such, the National Immigration Centre hosts events and produces evidence-based research to help strengthen Canada's immigration system.


As a not-for-profit organization, The Conference Board of Canada relies upon membership dues to fund its activities. It thanks the following members for supporting the National Immigration Centre:

  • Camosun International
  • Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants
  • Canadian Bar Association's Immigration Section
  • Canadian Society of Medical Laboratory Science
  • CARE Centre for Internationally Educated Nurses
  • Century Initiative
  • Chartered Professional Accountants of British Columbia
  • Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario
  • Council of Atlantic Premiers
  • Immigration Consultants of Canada
    Regulatory Council
  • Ignite Fredericton
  • Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada
  • Newcomer Centre of Peel
  • Northern Alberta Institute of Technology
  • Progress Career Planning Institute
  • Quebec’s Ministry of Immigration, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Saint Mary’s University’s Sobey School of Business
  • Windmill Microleding
  • World Education Services

Featured Research


One Thing I've Learned

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Ottawa is right to want more immigrants in the wake of the pandemic

Opinion, posed on iPOLITICS March 1, 2021

Immigrants need more support to succeed in Canada

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450x300_council-ciweFour Futures: the Economic Impact of Immigration in Ottawa–Gatineau

Impact Paper, October 28, 2020

Report coverWhy is immigration important to Canada?

Website, June 08, 2020

Report coverSeuils d’immigration au Québec: analyse des incidences démographiques et économiques

38 pages, May 2019
Dans ce rapport, nous évaluons les incidences démographiques et économiques de différents scénarios d’immigration sur une période s’échelonnant de 2019 à 2040 afin d’alimenter la réflexion et les politiques d’immigration du Québec. Bien que nos analyses soient principalement d’ordre économique, nous sommes conscients que ces dernières ne représentent qu’une facette d’une réalité beaucoup plus complexe, qui inclut d’autres facteurs cruciaux comme l’intégration sociale et culturelle des immigrants.

Report coverCan’t Go it Alone: Immigration Is Key to Canada’s Growth Strategy

56 pages, May 2019
By 2030, all 9.2 million of Canada’s baby boomers will reach retirement age. This briefing explores various solutions to help strengthen our labour force and economy.

Report coverTurning the Corner: Improving Canadian Business Immigration

60 pages, March 2019
The Conference Board of Canada hosted its second Entrepreneur & Investor Immigration Summit in November 2018. This report summarizes the challenges and suggestions made by the the Summit’s delegates.

Report coverStrengthening Canada’s Immigration System

35 pages, August 2018
This report summarizes the discussion points of the Canadian Immigration Summit 2018, which considered the themes of strengthening Canada’s economy and strengthening its immigrant settlement program.

Report coverEnhancing Success: Canada’s Immigrant Entrepreneurs and International Trade

41 pages, May 2018
Canada needs to expand international trade to strengthen its economy. Immigrant entrepreneurs can help this cause, but face challenges. This report looks at these challenges and offers suggestions to help immigrant entrepreneurs perform better.

Report coverCanada 2040: No Immigration Versus More Immigration

46 pages, May 2018
This report examines the economic implications of no immigration in Canada and quantifies the impacts of gradually increasing immigration. It also looks at the economic impacts of Canada’s three immigrant admissions classes (economic, family, and refugee).

Report cover450,000 Immigrants Annually? Integration is Imperative to Growth

44 pages, October 2017
Canada is evaluating how many immigrants to admit in the years to come. This report contributes to the conversation by forecasting the economic and fiscal impacts of three immigration scenarios from 2017 to 2040.

Report coverImmigration to Atlantic Canada: Toward a Prosperous Future

84 pages, September 2017
This report evaluates why the Atlantic region needs immigrants, its immigration trends and issues, and the new Atlantic Immigration Pilot and offers suggestions to support improvements to the region’s immigrant attraction and retention efforts.

Report coverAn Innovative Immigration System at 150 and Beyond

32 pages, August 2017
This report summarizes the Canadian Immigration Summit 2017’s discussion points and recommendations on how Canada can strengthen its immigration system and gives an overview of the importance of immigration to Canada’s economic future.

Report coverA New Era: Canadian Immigration Governance in the 21st Century

76 pages, June 2017
Which immigration responsibilities are better off being managed by the federal government or provinces and territories? This report proposes an aspirational approach to Canadian immigration governance in the 21st century.

Image of report coverEntrepreneur and Investor Immigration: Creating Jobs and Growth

94 pages, May 2017
This report provides policy insights and suggestions to help strengthen entrepreneur and investor immigration’s role in supporting job creation and economic growth in Canada.

Image of report coverBringing the World to Quebec: Six Suggestions to Attract and Retain More International Students| Version française

35 pages, April 2017
International students represent an undeniable asset for Quebec in educational, social, cultural, demographic and economic terms. But Quebec isn't recruiting as many of them as it might. This research report contains six suggestions to help the province attract and retain more of them.

This publication is available in English and French.

Image of report coverPlus diplômés, mais sans emploi. Comparer Montréal : le paradoxe de l’immigration montréalaise

80 pages, December 2016
Ce rapport se penche sur le phénomène de l’immigration à Montréal, en comparant la performance de la métropole québécoise avec celle des principales autres villes nord-américaines. Huit propositions sont mises de l’avant pour assurer une meilleure intégration des immigrants.

Image of report coverSowing the Seeds of Growth: Temporary Foreign Workers in Agriculture

26 pages, December 2016
This briefing looks at the important role of temporary foreign workers (TFWs) in alleviating critical labour shortages in Canada’s agriculture sector and proposes an alternative way to think of TFWs in agriculture.

Image of report coverA Long-Term View of Canada’s Changing Demographics: Are Higher Immigration Levels an Appropriate Response to Canada’s Aging Population?

39 pages, October 2016
This report measures how demographic changes, particularly to immigration levels or fertility rates, might reduce some of the economic and fiscal costs of an aging Canadian population.

Image of report coverA Primer on Canada’s Foreign Workers

71 pages, September 2016
The June 2014 overhaul of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) resulted in significant policy reforms, and changes to how the Canadian government groups and reports foreign worker data. This report enhances readers’ understanding of the changes.

Image of report coverBrain Gain 2015: The State of Canada’s Learning Recognition System

94 pages, January 2016
What is the state of Canada’s learning recognition system today? This study (15 years after the initial study) finds that we still have much to gain by recognizing immigrants’ learning credentials.

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