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Value-Based Healthcare

Value-Based Healthcare (VBHC) is a patient-centric approach to designing and managing health systems. The VBHC approach has the potential to deliver substantially improved health outcomes at significantly lower costs. The approach assesses costs incurred and services provided to patients with a focus on outcomes that are meaningful to them. As such, VBHC is about linking health care dollars spent to outcomes that matter to patients, and represents a shift away from the traditional care and funding models that focus on volumes of services, processes or products that may or may not achieve those outcomes.

Wide-spread adoption of VBHC is in its early stages globally. In Canada, there has been little system level progress on the move to a value-oriented system. The Conference Board of Canada has established the Centre for Value-Based Healthcare Canada, in partnership with our valued members and key stakeholders, to formalize an infrastructure that will serve to advance the implementation of VBHC approaches in Canada. 

Value-Based Healthcare Canada acts as a centralized organizing body dedicated to building capacity for expanding implementation of VBHC approaches in Canada through network support, education and knowledge dissemination, convening, policy and applied research, partnership development, and fundraising. Our multi-year strategic research agenda will ensure current relevance of VBHC Canada efforts and alignment with shared priorities in Canada. VBHC Canada will also disseminate resources and tools support sustained implementation of VBHC approaches, including an evaluation framework to enable standardized development and assessment of VBHC approaches and measurement of patient and health system outcomes.

COVID-19 Implications for Canada and the economic impact: The Conference Board of Canada stands ready to provide Canadian leaders with the insights they need to confidently navigate the shifting realities of COVID-19. All resources listed on our COVID-19 site are free. Click here to view.

Key Objectives

Utilizing a networked approach, VBHC delivers on its mission by working with patients, governments, pan-Canadian health organizations, industry and other stakeholders to:

  • Identify current and future priorities, and to develop action plans to address these;
  • Formalize VBHC definitions and assessment criteria for the Canadian context;
  • Develop and maintain a pan-Canadian inventory of VBHC projects and initiatives, along with a mechanism for practical sharing of experiences and lessons learned;
  • Provide centralized access to and actively disseminate knowledge, resources & tools;
  • Serve as the formal link between Canada’s and global strategic VBHC initiatives and priorities;
  • Lead applied and policy research (primary and secondary), support the management of clinical research trials, and serve as the secretariat for VBHC pilot projects in Canada;
  • Plan and organize the VBHC Canada community, including an annual Summit; and
  • Support the development of educational programs for current and future health leaders.

Focus Area: Health

The Conference Board of Canada is a Canadian hub for health research and knowledge dissemination. We build on solid partnerships across the public, private, not-for-profit and volunteer sectors to lead collaborative strategic initiatives in service of improving the health of populations and organizations, and supporting the sustainability of our healthcare system with a focus on meaningful patient outcomes.

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