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The Council of University Executives (formerly the Quality Network for Universities) offers university executives from across the country both virtual and in-person opportunities to convene, build relationships, and discuss and debate key issues and topics in Canadian higher education.

It provides a venue for senior leaders to network with peers and exchange ideas about strategic university leadership, research and innovation, and international partnership development.

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Who should join?

University leaders who are committed to excellence, innovation, and change. Current members include university provosts, vice-presidents, and other executive-level leaders interested in meeting and spending time with colleagues who are keen to expand their national and global networks, build partnerships, and enhance the reputation and overall effectiveness of their institutions.

Key objectives

  • Learn from cross-sectoral experts and thought leaders about top-of-mind challenges and solutions in the Canadian academy.
  • Engage, collaborate, and debate with peers from across the country in a confidential, closed-door setting.
  • Explore diverse ideas and shape discussions that lead to active change.

Benefits of membership

Exclusive access

Attend virtual events tailored to member interests featuring thought leaders in the field, as well as domestic meetings and week-long experiential study tours focused on exploring academia across the globe.


Build new domestic and international partnerships, engage in candid discussions about common challenges, and draw on cross-sectoral research and best practices to develop new strategies on mission-critical topics.


Discuss and debate the implications of national and international trends and meet with policy-makers and leading thinkers shaping the public policy framework that influences universities’ choices.

Current members

  • Brock University
  • Carleton University
  • Concordia University
  • Kwantlen Polytechnic University
  • McMaster University - Education Services Faculty of Health Sciences
  • Memorial University of Newfoundland
  • Queen's University
  • Saint Mary's University
  • Toronto Metropolitan University
  • University of Calgary
  • York University

Member activity

Next session

November 3, 2022
Dinner Meeting | Toronto

Theme: Breaking the Culture of Silence: Fighting Sexual Violence & Misconduct in Canadian Universities
Agenda to come 

Winter 2023
Two-Day Virtual Event 

Theme: TBC

May 2023
Three-Day International Study Tour
Barcelona, Spain 

Theme: TBC


Previous sessions

May 9–11, 2022

Virtual Experiential Study Tour
Theme: Returning to campus: Approaches to Sustainability and Growth

February 17, 2022

Theme: Economic priorities in the Canadian academy

  • Cynthia Leach, Senior Director, Economic Thought Leadership, Royal Bank of Canada
  • Brett House, Vice-President and Deputy Chief Economist, Scotiabank
  • Pedro Antunes, Chief Economist, The Conference Board of Canada
  • Dwight Duncan, Senior Strategic Advisor at McMillan LLP

November 3–4, 2021

Theme: Internationalization, fighting systemic racism, and indigenization in the academy

  • Dr. Elena Neiterman, University of Waterloo
  • Colin Lumsden, VP of Partner Relations, ApplyBoard
  • Senator Ratna Omidvar
  • Dr. Sheila Cote-Meek, Vice President, Equity, People, and Culture, York University
  • Dr. Ramona Lumpkin, Interim President and Vice-Chancellor, Mount Saint Vincent University
  • The Honourable Murray Sinclair, LLB, MSc, IPC, Queen’s Chancellor

Recent themes

  • Returning to Campus: Approaches to Sustainability and Growth
    • - Workforce Sustainability and the Impact of COVID on Workers 
    • - Inclusion, Immigration, & Workplace Development: Supporting a Diverse and Multicultural Community of Learning 
    • - Supporting Public through Community Based Research: Ageing and Food Security 
    • - Equity and Inclusion: Approaches to Supporting Students Pre-and Post-Pandemic
  • Economic Priorities in the Canadian Academy 
  • University internationalization from a diversity and inclusion perspective: fighting systemic racism on campus
  • Diving deeper into diversity and inclusion in post-secondary education: indigenization and bridging knowledge in the academy
  • The social and emotional skills gap in post-secondary education: jobs, growth, and resilience

Recent releases and events

Woman at a desk in an office smiling at a laptop while holding a phone and pen
Digital Skills for Today and Tomorrow

The pandemic changed how many Canadian workers do their job. For some, this change is minor. For others, it is seismic. A central feature of the shifts in working is the increased interaction with, and reliance on, digital tools. These tools—and the skills needed to use them—are largely what helped Canada weather the economic storm the pandemic caused and continue to support Canadian businesses in a strong recovery.

Issue briefing  |  12-min read
September 27, 2022
Partner—Future Skills Centre

Man smiling outside
Strengthening Social and Emotional Skills in Adults: The Learning Experience at Canadian Colleges

We know that social and emotional skills (SES)—such as communication, collaboration, and leadership—are critical for life success. Yet the bulk of programs that teach SES end after high school. We continue developing SES in adulthood—through informal experiences like employment, co-ops, volunteering, extracurriculars, and caregiving, as well as formal instruction. These skills are important. So how are post-secondary institutions teaching them?

Online experience  |  8-min read
April 13, 2022
Partner—Future Skills Centre

Man walking with backpack
Essential Skills for Learning and Working: Perspectives From Education and Employment Leaders Across Canada

How can workers be sure they have the skills they will need to succeed? How we learn and demonstrate skills through qualifications is also changing. For example, while there is much uncertainty around the future of microcredentials, these new, short-term offerings are becoming increasingly common.

Impact paper  |  16-min read
March 10, 2022
Partner—Future Skills Centre

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