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The Centre for Transportation and Infrastructure (CTI) conducts rigorous, independent research on major issues related to the development, maintenance, and efficient operation of transportation infrastructure. Research topics are identified by the CTI’s advisory committee, with input from all members.

Research reports are accessible through the Members Only web pages and The Conference Board of Canada’s e-Library service.


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A Long, Hard Road: Reducing GHG Emissions in Canada’s Road Transportation Sector by 2050

(November 2015, 172 pages)
This report provides an evidence-based view of the contribution that road transportation might practically make to achieve the “80 by 50” greenhouse gas emissions reduction target in Canada.

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Saskatchewan’s Export Potential: The Impact of Rail Access

(June 2015, 168 pages)
This report demonstrates the importance of the rail freight transportation system to Saskatchewan’s economy, and analyzes the extent to which disruptions ca.

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Automated Vehicles: The Coming of the Next Disruptive Technology

(January 2015, 72 pages)
The arrival of automated vehicles (AVs) is imminent. This report provides an overview of the potential benefits of AVs and highlights issues that we need to start planning for—now.

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The Views and Interpretations of Transportation Policy Experts

(March 2014, 10 pages)
This briefing—based on presentations and discussions that took place at a meeting of The Conference Board of Canada’s Centre for Transportation Infrastructure—discusses current research gaps in transportation policy that could be considered for the next review of the Canada Transportation Act, set to begin in 2015.

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We Have Been Here Before: Supply Management in Transportation

(December 2013, 11 pages)
Say “supply management” and Canadians immediately think of the dairy industry. However, other industries, such as transportation, experience similar economic regulation. This briefing explores “supply management” of trucking and taxicabs.

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The Value of Travel Time and Reliability: Commuting on 407 ETR

(December 2013, 90 pages)
In this report, we examine what commuters pay to use 407 ETR relative to what they receive in return—primarily in the form of time savings and more predictable commute times.

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Where the Rubber Meets the Road: How Much Motorists Pay for Road Infrastructure

(October 2013, 37 pages)
This report is a detailed look at the private equity experience of Canadian business from the perspective of managers of portfolio companies.

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Growing Canada’s Economy: A New National Air Transportation Policy

(September 2013, 43 pages)
This report aims to assess the potential of the Canadian air transportation industry in light of a new National Air Transportation Policy that will allow the industry to be more competitive.

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Canada as a Global Leader: Delivering Value through Public-Private Partnerships at Home and Abroad

(August 2013, 70 pages)
How are private-private partnerships (P3) in Canada faring? Both the benefits and drawbacks of P3 procurement are examined, as well as the potential for creating export opportunities for Canadian companies.

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Understanding the Truck Driver Supply and Demand Gap and Its Implications for the Canadian Economy

(February 2013, 41 pages)
This report quantifies the expected gap between the supply and demand for truck drivers in the for-hire trucking industry and puts this into the context of the economic importance of the industry.

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