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Past Agendas


May 1-2, 2019
Prince Rupert, BC
Theme: Meaningful Partnerships: Indigenous Participation in Infrastructure Development and Major Resource Projects

Meeting Objectives:

  • Explore the changing landscape surrounding major project partnerships and agreements.
  • Identify and discuss key issues surrounding local and Indigenous participation in infrastructure development and maintenance, be it through employment and procurement opportunities, or as owners and operators.
  • Learn about the linkages between participation in resource or infrastructure projects and community capacity development, economic development and self-determination.
  • Hear from the Government of British Columbia about its approach to partnerships and relationships with Indigenous groups and other stakeholders across the province, including how it is working to implement shared-decision making and the principles that underpin the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP).
  • Discuss and provide feedback on current and upcoming Centre for the North (CFN) research projects with your peers and CFN staff.


October 24–25, 2018
Winnipeg, MB
Theme: Governance in the Provincial North: Managing Jurisdictional Complexity in the Pursuit of Economic Development 

Meeting Objectives: 

  • Explore governance in northern Manitoba and other regions as a means to better understand the jurisdictional challenges and opportunities in supporting regional economic development.
  • Identify key success factors that enable local business development, entrepreneurship and labour market development.
  • Discuss other key associated topics such as Indigenous engagement and partnerships; the linkages between infrastructure and economic development; and collaborative governance.
  • As always, a component of the meeting will be spent discussing newly released Centre for the North research and will provide direction on upcoming projects. 

May 23–24, 2018
Whitehorse, YT
Theme: Indigenous Self-Governance and Infrastructure Development in Yukon

Meeting Objectives: 

  • Discuss recent Centre for the North research and determine upcoming research projects;
  • Examine the relationship between self-governance and the capacity development required to effectively participate in infrastructure projects;
  • Look at how infrastructure development and maintenance is being pursued in other remote regions in Canada; and
  • Compare the modern land-claim and self-government environment with the historic treaty environment.


November 23, 2017
Calgary, AB
Theme: The Northern and Remote Infrastructure Environment: Evolving Construction, Partnership, and Financing Approaches

Meeting Objectives: 

  • Discuss current and upcoming Centre for the North research;
  • Enjoy an interactive session with Ken Coates which will explore an exciting, prospective research series on innovative practices, technologies, and concepts for remote environments entitled “Cool Ideas”;
  • Receive an overview of the National Summit on Indigenous Youth and Natural Resource Development by the Summit’s Co-Chair, Paul Robitaille;
  • Learn about existing and potential infrastructure financing options;
  • Discuss the practices, challenges, and changing landscape facing Northern supply-chain management models;
  • Learn about key issues and policy surrounding Northern and remote transportation infrastructure.

March 21–22, 2017
Ottawa, ON
Theme: Supporting Local and Regional Governance in Northern and Remote Canada

Meeting Objectives: 

  • Discuss recent Centre for the North publications and upcoming research. 
  • Learn about and discuss federal policy and programming that supports capacity development in Canada’s remote regions. 
  • Discuss and understand the evolving field of Indigenous law, with an emphasis on the implications of recent court decisions as well as Canada’s adoption of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.
  • Hear from Inuit, First Nation, and Métis youth as they share their perspectives on the topic of governance in Canada and its implications for the aspirations and objectives of Indigenous groups.
  • Explore emerging models for infrastructure development and maintenance in remote Canada.


September 14–15, 2016
Kuujjuaq, QC
Theme: Effective Governance in Northern and Aboriginal Contexts: Evolving Models and Practices

Meeting Objectives: 

  • Discuss newly released Centre for the North research, and provide direction on upcoming projects. 
  • Learn about challenges as well as innovative models on governance and shared jurisdictional authority from case studies focusing on the Nunavik context. 
  • Learn, in an interactive panel discussion, from the guests and members of the Centre for the North about key issues, practices, and developments facing their respective regions and mandate. 
  • Enjoy a special keynote presentation by Dr. Ken Coates. 
  • Experience Nunavik through a cultural and land-based event.

February 9–10, 2016
Thunder Bay, ON
Theme: Improving Capacity, Opportunity and Wellness with Northern Aboriginal Youth

Meeting Objectives:

  • Discuss the Centre for the North's research plan and help to shape its priority areas.
  • Learn about some of the key skills, training, educational opportunities and challenges facing northern Aboriginal youth, and how they relate to broader community and economic development objectives.
  • Understand the links between capacity development for Aboriginal youth and health and well-being, and hear about current and emerging initiatives surrounding Aboriginal wellness.
  • Learn about the perspectives and interests of Aboriginal youth regarding land use and resource development, and how these fit with industry perspectives, training, employment opportunities and economic development more generally.


May 26–27, 2015
Yellowknife, YT
Theme: Building a Resilient and Prosperous North

Meeting Objectives:

  • Understanding what matters—taking stock of the learnings from the past five years of the Centre for the North and discussing what matters to Northern and Aboriginal people today. The CFN’s five year compendium report, Building a Resilient and Prosperous North [link to compendium report],will help guide the discussion.
  • Tackling complex public policy issues when planning for growth—exploring one of the most important questions facing Northern development today: How to successfully plan for growth in Canada’s North? Drawing on the lessons of government, industry, and community champions in three regions experiencing accelerated growth—the Hudson Bay region, Northern Quebec, and the Northwest Territories—we will explore good practices to adopt and pitfalls to avoid when planning for growth in the North.
  • Defining success—seeking CFN member and stakeholder input on strategic future directions for the Centre’s research and activities.


April 2–3, 2014
Happy Valley-Goose Bay, NL
Theme: CFN’s Impact and Future Directions

Meeting Objectives:

  • Workshop the Terms of Reference for the Centre for the North’s final report.
  • Discuss the Centre’s impact and path forward.
  • Visit Voisey’s Bay mine site to view operations and discuss Aboriginal workforce engagement strategies with Vale, NL.


October 17, 2013
Whitehorse, NT
Theme: Canada’s North Summit and CFN Transitions

Meeting Objectives:

  • Highlight the key takeaways from Canada’s North Summit 2013.
  • Discuss CFN transitions and new mandate.

April 3–5, 2013
Ottawa, ON
Theme: Evolving Aboriginal Relations, Programs, and Policies

Meeting Objectives:

  • Discuss with Aboriginal leaders/representatives recent developments in Canada in regards to Aboriginal relations and the greater impact on the North.
  • Discuss with federal government officials recent implications or changes to programs and policies in the areas of Northern economic development, skills training, and health.
  • Get updated on Centre for the North plans and activities and how members can get further involved.
  • Participate in a behind-the-scenes tour of the Museum of Canadian History.


October 11–12, 2012
The Pas, MB
Theme: Regional Collaboration and Information Dissemination

Meeting Objectives:

  • Obtain a regional perspective on collaboration between jurisdictions around the Hudson Bay.
  • Understand innovative ways of disseminating information in the North.
  • Bring members up-to-date on the Centre’s research platform.
  • Experience The Pas and the First Nations Community.

May 30–June 1, 2012
Iqaluit, NU
Theme: Incorporating Connectivity and International Perspectives

Meeting Objectives:

  • Discuss the future strategic direction and project activities for the Centre for the North.
  • Learn about the activities and priorities of the host jurisdiction, Nunavut.
  • Gain insight into the challenges and opportunities associated with connectivity in the North.
  • Discuss the integration of international perspectives into Centre for the North work.


October 13, 2011
Edmonton, AB
Theme: Key Findings from Canada’s North Beyond 2011

Meeting Objectives:

  • Reflect upon and discuss conclusions from the Edmonton forum Canada’s North Beyond 2011.
  • Decide on Centre for the North research topics for 2011-2012.

May 3–5, 2011
Radisson, QC
Theme: Northern Perspectives and Infrastructure

Meeting Objectives:

  • Hear the results of the CFN’s comprehensive and ground-breaking survey of Northerners.
  • Engage in a key discussion on the importance of Northern infrastructure.
  • Experience large-scale Northern infrastructure in action.
  • Learn about current CFN research.
  • Plan for the future.


September 28–29, 2010 
Sudbury, ON
Theme: Mining Opportunities, Corporate-Aboriginal Partnerships, and Duty to Consult

Meeting Objectives:

  • Gain knowledge of northern mining opportunities and developments in mining technologies, as well as of the great work that is being accomplished in Sudbury.
  • Hear about corporate-Aboriginal partnerships, as well as the duty to consult and its broader implications, drawing on examples from mining in northern Ontario.
  • Learn about the key findings of Thriving Communities.
  • Determine the Centre for the North research agenda for the coming year.

May 12–13, 2010 
Whitehorse, YT
Theme: Land Claims and Northern Land Use Planning

Meeting Objectives:

  • Learn about Yukon land claims from lawyer and former land claims negotiator Dave Joe.
  • Hear three perspectives on Northern land use planning.
  • Review the detailed findings from the research on the three foundational themes: thriving communities, mapping economic potential, and security and sovereignty.
  • Receive an update on the Centre’s outreach.
  • Determine next steps for the research agenda and fall meeting.


September 24, 2009
Yellowknife, NT
Theme: Strategic Centre Directions

Meeting Objectives:

  • To review the research plan of the Centre and to determine its priorities for the first year of operation.
    Special meetings were also hosted in Calgary (June 22, 2009) and Saskatoon (June 23, 2009).

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