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The Council on Emergency Management

The Council on Emergency Management (CEMT) is a networking-only Council and is one of three security-related Councils run by the Conference Board.

The Council on Emergency Management focuses on effective operational practices and key strategic issues related to emergency management.

CEMT provides valuable networking, learning, and leadership development opportunities for individuals responsible for emergency management and operational continuity who are focused on maximizing resilience within their organizations. CEMT also enables members to broaden their understanding of risk factors and to exchange insights.

Key objectives

  • Explore leading practices in emergency management and establish critical relations among first responders and private and public sector organizations.
  • Build a deeper understanding of the threats facing Canadian organizations and model the cross-sectoral approach that is essential for building resiliency.

Recent Topics

  • Building Partnerships and Collaborations
  • The Impacts of Climate Change
  • Use of Technology in Emergency Management
  • Topics related to the response to COVID-19


“The Council on Emergency Management is unique and provides learning and sharing opportunities that you won’t get at industry conferences and seminars. The peer-to-peer learning is something I can’t afford not to be part of.”

–Tom Sampson, Chief, Calgary Emergency Management Agency

Webinars Now Available to Download


Pandemic Operations - TELUS Shares Pandemic Management Processes and Playbook

April 14, 2020

With over 73 thousand employees in 20 countries, TELUS has many reasons to prioritize responsible pandemic management. In this webinar, Michael R. Galin, Director of Risk Management at TELUS, explained how the company protects its employees, its customers, and its business. He will open the playbook (literally) and share the pandemic strategies that TELUS uses today, and continues to evolve for tomorrow.”

Michael Galin serves as Director of Risk Management at TELUS, overseeing the Corporate Business Continuity Office and the emergency operations centre. An authority on continuity and security programs, Michael has managed corporate responses and recovery plans for crises and major events including Y2K, 9/11, blackouts, ice storms, wildfires, infectious disease outbreaks, and G8/G20 summits. As a thought leader, he has authored numerous articles on related topics and has spoken at several conferences and seminars, including twice at the World Conference on Disaster Management. In 2016, Michael was named by Insurance Business Canada as one of Canada’s “Leading Risk Managers”.

COVID19: Mastering the Pivot from Response to Recovery

April 2, 2020

Even as the coronavirus outbreak continues to swirl around us, the foundation for long-term recovery is being laid. This incident has revealed gaps in social, economic, health, and educational systems as well as emerging opportunities to build stronger, more resilient communities.

Webinar Highlights

In this recorded webinar, Eric McNulty of Harvard's National Preparedness Leadership Initiative shares strategies and techniques for taking steps now to make the ultimate recovery both more rapid and more enduring.

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Eric McNulty – Leading Through Covid-19 

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