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Gig Economy and Independent Workers

The nature of jobs is changing, with the growth of the gig economy and more work and in all fields being tasked to contract workers, freelancers, and the self-employed. These independent workers lack the social support net that full-time employees benefit from. What are some ways to bridge the “support gap” and ensure that people don’t fall between the cracks in these precarious job markets?

Armine Yalnizyan, October 26, 2020

Focus Area—Education & Skills

Workplace wellness chat: Psychological health and safety

Back by popular demand! Our podcast series “Carrying On: Mental Health Strategies for COVID-19” welcomes Dr. Bill Howatt back into our podcast “studio” to share some mental health insights. He’s joined by Andrew Harkness, Strategy Advisor of Workplace Safety & Prevention Services (WSPS), to discuss psychological health and safety.

Dr. Bill Howatt, October 13, 2020

Focus Area—Human Resources

Long road ahead before economy finally gets back to normal

Following the release of our latest two-year economic forecast, Chief Economist Pedro Antunes speaks with the Financial Post’s Larysa Harapyn about the long road ahead to get the Canadian economy back to pre-COVID levels.

Pedro Antunes, January 12, 2021

Focus Area—Canadian Economics

What to expect from the federal economic update on Monday

Our chief economist Pedro Antunes and Sahir Khan of the Institute of Fiscal Studies and Democracy interview on CBC News Network ahead of the 2020 Federal Fiscal Update. They want to get a sense of how forward-looking the update will be.

Pedro Antunes and Sahir Khan, November 27, 2020

Focus Area—Canadian Economics

Working from home has helped some segments of the economy

Pedro Antunes, joins BNN Bloomberg to gives his view of how the economy has performed during the pandemic and what measures he sees being necessary on the road to recovery.

Pedro Antunes, November 16, 2020

Focus Area—Canadian Economics

Strategic Risk Council Testimonial

Cathy Taylor, Vice President, Risk and Insurance of Centerra Gold, speaks about her continuting involvement in The Conference Board of Canada’s Strategic Risk Council apart.

Cathy Taylor, October 22, 2020

Focus Area—Leadership Development

Bridging the Gap Between Education and Work—WIL

While a majority of education providers believe that our graduates are well-equipped for the workforce, a much lower proportion of students and employers share that belief. This points to a disconnect between the education and work worlds, one that could be bridged by incorporating real-world or experiential work into students’ education.

Valerie Walker, Matthew McKean, and Kevin O’Meara, October 12, 2020

Focus Area—Education & Skills

Ask an Expert: Compensation Planning Outlook for 2021

Employers have and will continue to face a multitude of challenges in their compensation planning for 2021. Our Human Resources expert, Allison Cowan, shares insights from the latest Compensation Planning Outlook 2021.

Allison Cowan, October 1, 2020

Focus Area—Human Resources

Strategic Risk Council Testimonial

Brian Prentice, Chief Risk Officer of Moneris Solutions, speaks about what sets The Conference Board of Canada’s Strategic Risk Council apart.

Brian Prentice, October 19, 2020

Focus Area—Leadership Development

Coping skills considerations

We’ve all had to create and discover coping-skills. The dangers with at-risk coping skills are the frequency, duration, and intensity. These will create illusions of immediate symptom-relief. Dr. Bill Howatt encourages us to discover pro-social coping skills.

Dr. Bill Howatt, July 20, 2020

Focus Area—Human Resources

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