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Updated: October 3, 2022

As Canada’s foremost independent, applied research organization, we deliver unique insights into Canada’s toughest problems. On this page, we shine a spotlight on some featured research that tackles key issues facing our country.

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Measuring Digital Trade

Updated: December 10, 2021

Digital trade has grown rapidly. This has a major impact on Canada’s GDP and on industries such as Retail and Arts. But classifying and measuring digital trade is difficult. How is Canada doing on measuring digital trade, and what could be improved?

Focus Area—Canadian Economics

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Canadian Human Resources Metrics Benchmarking

Updated: October 3, 2022

From understanding the current business environment to keeping track of what’s changing, there’s a lot of value in getting robust and timely information to make human capital decisions. Data from across Canadian industries and regions can help identify strengths and opportunities, presented in quick and digestible ways.

Focus Area—Human Resources

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Economic Cost of Skills Vacancies

Updated: March 2, 2022

Job vacancies can be thought of as skills vacancies. There is significant unrealized value from these vacancies for Canadian GDP. These skills occur in sets, which can help policymakers and institutions find a resolution to this growing issue.

Focus Area—Canadian Economics
Client—Future Skills Centre

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Transitioning to Jobs in the Clean Economy

Updated: July 28, 2022

One in five Canadian employees works at a job that’s vulnerable to automation. The clean economy is a rapid-growth sector that needs workers. Is there a way to solve for both? Transitioning workers to the clean (or green) economy addresses multiple labour market challenges. It’s also timely, given the Canadian government’s focus on climate change and integrating clean technologies to meet global targets.

Focus Area—Innovation & Tehcnology
Client—Future Skills Centre

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Black Canadian Perspectives of Social and Emotional Skills


Are there differences in how Black Canadians’ social and emotional skills are understood and assessed? We speak to people about their experiences and highlight the gaps.

Focus Area—Education & Skills
Client—Future Skills Centre

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Indigenous Equity Participation

Updated: September 29, 2022

What is required to support successful Indigenous equity participation in major resource development projects? How can decision making and outcomes be improved for Indigenous groups?

Focus Area—Indigenous & Northern Communities

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Women-Led Ventures

Updated: March 30, 2022

In their growth journey, Canadian men and women early-stage tech entrepreneurs lead differently, and do their outcomes differ? The barriers and success factors that women entrepreneurs face along this journey, and practical insights for entrepreneurs and venture capitalists.

Focus Area—Inclusion

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