Carrying On: Mental Health Strategies for COVID-19

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As a country, we face a changing world and higher stakes than ever before. The way we respond to challenges today will define the Canada of tomorrow. The Conference Board of Canada’s Chief of Research, Workplace Productivity, Dr. Bill Howatt, shares strategies to support mental health through COVID-19.

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Focus Area—Human Resources

Dr. Bill Howatt; woman listening on earbuds

Episode 42

Workplace wellness chat: Psychological health and safety

Back by popular demand! Our podcast series “Carrying On” welcomes Dr. Bill Howatt back into our podcast “studio” to share some mental health insights. He’s joined by Andrew Harkness, Strategy Advisor of Workplace Safety & Prevention Services, to discuss psychological health and safety.

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Episode 41

Coping skills considerations

We’ve all had to create and discover coping-skills. The dangers with at-risk coping skills are the frequency, duration, and intensity. These will create illusions of immediate symptom-relief. Dr. Bill Howatt encourages us to discover pro-social coping skills.

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Episode 40

Building trust

Building trust is foundational to successful human relationships, which plays a big part in successful workplaces. What is the formula for building trust? Dr. Bill Howatt shares his insights.

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Episode 39

“New normal”

Let’s start to notice the opportunities associated with a “new normal”—new work, new habits, new relationships, etc. Engaging in new skills will allow you to keep pace with innovations. Dr. Bill Howatt helps us navigate the idea of a “new normal.”

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Episode 38

Finding silver linings

It’s been approximately 100 days since onset of COVID-19. There have been so many hardships; what is the silver lining? Dr. Bill Howatt elaborates on his personal ups and downs during this pandemic and helps us understand how to find the silver lining in all of this.

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Episode 37

Worry management

While many consider worry to be exclusively negative, Dr. Bill Howatt reminds us there are some positives. Worry helps us identify when something needs to be addressed or fixed. The challenge is when it becomes overwhelming. Learn how to manage worry.

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