The case for employers to have well-defined cannabis policies

When it comes to how cannabis factors into impaired driving laws, many Canadians still have a lot to learn, a recent survey from cannabis education company RCU (Responsible Cannabis Use) suggests.

Op-ed  |  3-min read
November 22, 2019
Focus Area—Human Resources

Leveraging Patient Outcomes and Big Data to Personalize Medical Cannabis

Medical cannabis has been authorized and used in Canada for over two decades. With the recent legalization of recreational cannabis comes reduced stigma around the drug and an opportunity for organizations to more deeply understand and provide employee support for those requiring this therapy.

Webinar  |  44-min listen
November 5, 2019
Focus Area—Human Resources

According to research conducted by Public Safety Canada in 2017, 25 per cent of people believe that the impact of cannabis consumption is less detrimental to driving than alcohol. Truth is, cannabis intoxication is different than alcohol, but just as impairing.

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Op-ed  |  4-min read
October 24, 2019
Focus Area—Human Resources