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Innovation Report Card 2021

Innovation is important, but Canada continues to exhibit relatively weak innovation performance. Volatile resource prices, changing demographics, and increasing economic protectionism are exposing Canada’s business innovation weakness and generating pressure to become more innovative in the coming years.

Online experience | 11-min read
June 28, 2021
Focus Area— Innovation & Technology

Tech Checkup: Strategic Risk and Emergency Management

COVID-19 fundamentally changed how businesses operate. And with new operations comes new technological risks—especially for a remote workforce. How are organizations switching up their strategic roles in light of the pandemic? To find out, The Conference Board of Canada surveyed 97 risk and emergency management leaders and practitioners. This is what we learned.

Online experience  |  8-min read
May 11, 2021
Focus Area—Innovation & Technology

As Canada recovers from the COVID-induced recession, we wanted to know what impact investing in post-secondary education (PSE) would have on B.C.’s economy, and how it would compare with other, more traditional avenues of stimulus spending.

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Executive summary |  3-min read
April 9, 2021
Focus Area—Innovation & Technology