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Studying the Effects of the Pandemic on Nursing Education

The pandemic has changed how we learn and work.

We need your help to know what’s changed.

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We want to know:

  • How have changes in ways skills training is delivered impacted nursing students? And how has this shaped their experiences on the job?
  • What are the challenges, opportunities, and innovations in skills training delivery methods for nursing students during the pandemic?
  • What is the role of experiential learning in skill development in Canada?

We are interested in interviewing:

  • BN/BScN/BSN 2021 graduates who are currently working as nurses
  • nursing instructors
  • others affiliated with Canadian BN/BScN/BSN programs

Deadline: May 31, 2022

Am I eligible to participate?

Desired Audiences

If you meet one of the criteria below and are interested in participating in our study, please click the relevant link for a 2-minute pre-screening survey.

Deadline: May 31, 2022

New graduates

You graduated from a BN/BScN/BSN program in Canada in 2021, have started work as a GN and/or RN, and are willing to participate in three 45-minute interviews over a six-month period. (We are offering a $30 gift card per interview for your participation).

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During 2021, you taught at least one course (e.g., theory, practicum, or lab) in a BN/BScN/BSN program in Canada and are willing to participate in one 45-minute interview.

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During 2021, your work involved non-teaching support of students or recent graduates of a BN/BScN/BSN program in Canada, AND/OR you specialized in experiential learning and/or nursing education, and are willing to participate in one 45-minute interview.

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At the end of the survey, you will be invited to share your contact information. We will reach out for an interview if you are selected to participate in the study.

This study has received ethics approval in accordance with the TCPS2

About this study

The Conference Board of Canada, on behalf of the Future Skills Centre, is leading a study to explore the role of experiential learning in skills development with a specific focus on nursing training in Canada. For further information, please contact:

FSC parnters:

Ryerson University
The Conference Board of Canada
Funded by the Government of Canada’s Future Skills Program