Social and Emotional Skills Are in High Demand


But is the playing field level for all Canadians?

The Conference Board of Canada is conducting interviews (1-hour) asking participants to share their experiences with social and emotional skills in the workplace.

  • How do you use social and emotional skills at work?
  • Are you interested in how your skills are recognized?
  • Tell us about your experiences.

What are social and emotional skills (SES)? Read this interactive page to learn more.

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How you can help

We want to talk to a diverse set of Canadians. If you’re currently in the workforce, we’re keen to hear your perspectives on:

  • How you understand social and emotional skills (SES)
  • Why you value them
  • How you personally developed them
  • How your social and emotional skills are evaluated at work
  • If your workplace promotes diverse expressions of social and emotional skills
  • Deadline: Past

No one-size-fits-all approach

People with different backgrounds, experiences, and knowledge use social skills in various ways. Discrimination and bias can lead to undervaluing unique expressions of these skills.

Understanding how social and emotional skills are developed, expressed, and evaluated is key to making Canada’s workplaces anti-racist and inclusive.


Participating in this 1-hour interview comes with some benefits:

  • Help build inclusive solutions for SES development and assessment
  • Be part of a Canada-wide discussion about diversity and SES

Want to get involved?

With your input, The Conference Board of Canada will be able to help organizations recognize unique expressions of social and emotional skills (SES) and value the diversity of their workforces.

After participating in the interview, you’ll be entered in a draw to win one of three $100 Indigo gift cards.

To get involved, please contact:

Rachel Smith

Rachel Smith

Research Associate, Education & Skills

Deadline: Past

About this study

The Conference Board of Canada, on behalf of the Future Skills Centre, is leading a study that explores how Canadians experience social and emotional skills.

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