Canada’s Clean Energy Growth Economy
Regional Input Tour

A clean energy growth economy sustains our environment, creates wealth, and enhances our standard of living.

Canada’s energy system is transitioning to a model that balances environmental protection, economic growth, and a prosperous society. A primary purpose of The Conference Board of Canada’s Centre for a Clean Energy Growth Economy (CEGE) is to measure and track our country’s progress toward this goal in an evidence-based, systems-driven, and pragmatic manner.

But metrics are only one part of the story. Open and inclusive engagement is essential to understanding the issues that different groups face across the country.

Engaging stakeholders is essential to understanding both the distinct and the common issues that different regions face as they move toward this new economy.

Regional input tour

In November 2019, the Energy and Environment team engaged key stakeholders across Canada during its Regional Input Tour. CEGE’s funders—including some of Canada’s largest energy companies and financial institutions—made this possible with their financial support.

The tour’s main purpose was to gather on-the-ground intelligence into the region-specific opportunities and challenges of getting to a clean energy growth economy. We centred our findings around three themes: economy, environment, and society.

After the tour, we produced a series of regional executive summaries based on what we heard in:

Every major actor has a role to play in the transition to a clean energy growth economy.

Impact paper

In addition to the regional reports, we released an impact paper that reveals:

Key findings from the CEGE Regional Input Tour.

The most common issues and challenges identified by groups across Canada, and insights on how to solve them.

Areas to explore further in the context of the transition.

Perspectives on unique issues faced by Canada’s North in the transition.

Examples of how engagement input affects the quantification of a clean energy growth economy for Canada.