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We deliver key insights on innovation and technology trends and changes to Canada’s senior business executives.

Be part of that with us.

The Conference Board of Canada releases annual innovation and technology products for paid customers and its council members. Canadian businesses can purchase them and get personalized executive debriefs with our lead researchers and strategic partners.

We’re seeking to partner with key Canadian private and public sector organizations on the definition, scope, production, and knowledge dissemination of the four annual products listed below.

Corporate funding opportunities

Each of these products have paid corporate funding packages available. Interested parties should contact us to set up a discovery call with our Innovation and Technology research team.

Packages will be sold on a first-come, first-serve basis. We’re also open to bundling funding across multiple products, as well as defining a multi-year program.

Title funder

1 available per product

The title funder will receive the following benefits:

  • Co-branded on the product
  • Chair the product’s advisory committee
  • Keynote at one of the Spring 2021 council meetings of one of the following councils:
  • One-year membership to one of above councils
  • Marketing and communications:
    • Joint social media posts
    • A Conference Board-hosted podcast with one of your senior executives as the guest
    • A joint 60-minute webinar on key findings to paid customers and members
    • A joint op-ed on findings
    • A 45-minute executive call to present benchmark/key findings (only members who opt-in)
    • A case study from the sponsor included in the product

Insights partner funder

2 available per product

The insights partner funder will receive the following benefits:

Research partner funder

4 available per product

The research partner funder will receive the following benefits:

Proposed research

Advisory committee

Each product will have an advisory committee chaired by an executive of our title funder organization. They will be supported by our four advisory committee funders, the research director, senior network manager, and lead research associate.


Literature review

The Conference Board will do a literature review of relevant reports, documents, and other resources to gather insights on the product theme’s actors, ecosystem, and performance.

Public opinion research

If the product calls for it, we’ll design and disseminate online surveys to target key individuals and stakeholders.

Key informant interviews

To supplement and contextualize the literature review findings, the Conference Board will interview 15–25 key individuals and stakeholders from relevant customer profiles or industry sectors who can shed light on industry ecosystems and their performance. These experts and leaders will be from the general public, business owners and leaders, government, and educational and research institutions.


The Conference Board will analyze the findings from the literature review—along with material from other qualitative data sources, including interviews—to better understand and map the ecosystem. We’ll also identify primary factors that affect those ecosystems’ performance. This will include data and findings related to structural features, skills and expertise for cybersecurity, entrepreneurial ambition, funding, policies and regulation, and other areas, including results from The Conference Board of Canada’s previous research.

Reporting and dissemination

We go beyond the obvious. We turn our research findings into products such as primers, briefings, and interactive online experiences, and pack them with actionable insights. These outputs are practical, incisive, and will clearly identify strengths and weaknesses in the ecosystem. Funding partners, as members of our advisory committees, will have the opportunity to review them for feedback before they’re published.

Questions? Contact:

Harry Sharma

Harry Sharma


Andréa Nadeau

Andréa Nadeau

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