Rising Skills

Skill needs in the skilled trades are changing. Are employees keeping up?

Français  •  Updated December 14, 2020

Industries are shifting to become more automated, connected, and diverse—with a heavy reliance on digital tools and platforms. Skilled tradepeople looking for the skills to use these new tools face many barriers, such as financial constraints, tech challenges, and age-related tensions. These barriers need to be removed so Canadian tradespeople can easily upgrade their skills to be reflective of industry needs.

Summary for Executives

Two workers in safety gear in an industrial setting

Education & Skills     December 14, 2020

Advanced manufacturing processes demand 21st-century digital skills and social and emotional skills. This summary suggests ways to strengthen training, overcome generational divides, and rebrand manufacturing trades to attract more young people and women into the trades.

Summary for executives  •  4-min read

Issue Briefings

Three construction workers silhouetted against a sunset

Rising Skills: A Toolbox Talk on Social and Emotional Skills in the Construction Trades

Education & Skills     December 14, 2020

The Canadian construction trades workforce is changing. To replace those who retire, the sector will need to recruit under-represented groups, leading to a more diverse workforce. But if diversity and inclusion are to thrive in the workplace, the sector will need to focus attention on the social and emotional skills needed to work in more diverse .

Issue briefing  •  15-min read

Two people examining a car engine

Rising Skills: Digital Skills Needs for Smart and Connected Vehicles

Education & Skills     December 14, 2020

Automotive tradespeople are grappling with future work challenges related to connected, autonomous, shared, and electric vehicles. They need technical, problem-solving, communication, and other 21st-century digital skills to thrive in response to these trends. But tradespeople face barriers to upskilling, including financial constraints, tech challenges, and age-related tensions.

Issue briefing  •  15-min read

Two chefs working in a kitchen

Rising Skills: Emerging Skills in the Food Services Trades

Education & Skills     December 14, 2020

Four trends are defining the future of food services trades: automated cooking and baking processes, labour shortages, the increasing popularity of mobile apps for restaurants and the growing use of social media. To address these shifts, food services tradespeople need communication, adaptability, client relations, management, and creativity skills.

Issue briefing  •  15-min read

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