Metropolitan Housing Starts

Positive Expectations Continue to Dwindle

Only two CMAs remain in the Up-Up quandrant this month, two fewer than last month. Negative expectations now outweigh positives for the short term.

January 27, 2023   •   8-min read

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Signs of Softer Markets to Come 

Only four CMAs remain in the Up-Up quandrant this month, two fewer than last month. All of the Quebec CMAs have slipped into negative expectations for both the short and long terms .

December 1, 2022  •  5-min read

Longer-Term Expectations Remain Largely Negative

There are six CMAs in the Up-Up quadrant this month, the same number as last month. Most of the Quebec CMAs remain in the Down-Down quadrant, with negative expectations for the short and long terms.

October 28, 2022  •  8-min read

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  • Winnipeg

The Metropolitan Housing Starts analyzes the recent trends in housing starts for 28 metropolitan areas and expectations for new housing over both the short and long terms. The Conference Board’s forecasting experts can show you what’s happening in your city.


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