Canadian Interactive Trade Forecast

The trade forecast is a complimentary service that is provided to GCC members and can also be purchased separately through e-library. Contact us to learn about membership.

The Canadian Interactive Trade Forecast is a web-based tool that allows users to visualize a five-year forecast for Canadian exports and imports for a selection of countries and products. It is available both in nominal and real (price-adjusted) terms, for which the base year is 2007. Use the interactive tool on the right-side panel to view individual time series, growth rates, and product and country shares. 

Forecast content

The complete data set presented in the interactive charts can be accessed in the Trade Forecast database on our e-data portal. The forecast covers the following list of countries and products:

Countries Goods Services
World Merchandise (Total Goods) Services (Total)
China Aerospace products Transport and government
European Union Agricultural products Transport Transport and government
Rest of Europe Chemicals and plastics Commercial services
Japan Metals and minerals Other commercial services
Mexico Electronic and electrical
South Korea Energy products
United Kingdom Food and beverage
United States Machinery
Rest of the World Motor vehicles and parts
Other transportation products
Primary metals
Pulp and paper
Wood products
Other manufacturing