Wendy Landry

Wendy Landry

Senior Advisor Indigenous Initiatives & Indigenous Engagement, Enbridge Inc

Wendy Landry is a member of Red Rock Indian Band; she has strived to educate people about Indigenous people, striking down misconceptions and untruths as she goes. Her journey has included bringing nonindigenous Canadians (and Corporations to understand the History of Indigenous People and Canadian Historical Relations, as well as the effects on Indigenous People, and Canada as a whole.

“We always knew who we were,” Landry said. “Our connection to the land is very strong, learning harvesting of medicines, hunting and fishing as a way of life, so I’ve grown up knowing my ancestry.” She has been married to Pat for 34years, and raised 6 children, three Biological, three came to us from the Child Welfare System.

Wendy has also been very involved and has volunteered on extended number of committees over the years with a variety of experience in different areas. She is the Mayor of the Municipality of Shuniah (Ojibwe for Silver, coin or money) which is located on the shores of Lake Superior outside of Thunder Bay Ontario. She is the 1st First Nations woman in Ontario to serve as a Mayor. In April of 2017 she was elected to represent 37 Municipalities as the President of the Northwestern Ontario Municipal Association. She is also on the Executive of the Associations of the Municipalities of Ontario, Sr Advisor of Indigenous Relations Enbridge Inc.

She has previously been a college instructor for 10 years, Worked in Correctional Field for 20 years and has worked, volunteered, appointed by government on many boards and advisory committees, and has led many committees, organizations and boards. She is a strong advocate, and passionate about the Northwest, Indigenous Knowledge and More.