Vera Pawis Tabobondung

Elder Vera Pawis Tabobondung

Senator, National Association of Friendship Centres

Senator Vera is a proud Anishinaabe woman from the Wasauksing First Nation - an Ojibway, Odawa and Pottawatomi First Nation located on Parry Island in Georgian Bay. She first began her life work as the Executive Director for the Parry Sound Indian Friendship Centre and has served in many prominent roles within the Friendship Centre Movement (FCM).

Senator Vera is a past President of the Ontario Federation of Indigenous Friendship Centres (OFIFC), past President of the NAFC, has served her First Nation community as a Councillor and has participated on numerous boards and committees locally, provincially, and nationally.

Not only is Senator Vera one of our Matriarchs in the Friendship Centre Movement (FCM) but she has been involved with the FCM for over forty years and remains one of the FCM’s most vocal and passionate advocates. She is a beloved and cherished member of the NAFC Senate, loving sister, Mother, Kokomis and Great Grandmother.