Tom Kaneb

Tom Kaneb

Entrepreneur and Investor in manufacturing and technology businesses in eastern Canada

An active entrepreneur and investor in manufacturing, technology, and novel business solutions in Canada, I like to focus on strategy and execution, particularly customer engagement. My philanthropic interests mirror my business interests, I look for novel solutions to longstanding problems that are entrepreneurial in nature. I believe strongly in building excellence in people and organizations.

A few examples:

In 1980, Co-Founder of Lorama where we focus on specialty chemicals derived from sustainable chemistry. First product was a polysaccharide resin derived from corn starch that uses unattached hydroxyl groups to cross-link oil and water in a stable emulsion. Manufacturing required the design of a proprietary chemical manufacturing platform. Have added other specialty products such as a line of universal (meaning compatible with both oil and water-based systems) point of sale colorants and currently launching a bio-based adhesive to replace formaldehyde and isocyanate in wood composites.

In 1999 Co-Founder of SigmaPoint Technologies, a leading Canadian EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services) provider in Cornwall, ON. Best in class technology and lean manufacturing with 280 staff.

Shareholder in Endurance Technologies where we coat the internal surface of steel pipe for oil and gas extraction with boron to both extend the life and improve flow dynamics (reduced friction at the pipe surface). This is a proprietary process that is based on novel process solutions derived from analytical thinking about the chemical engineering unit operations required.

In 2003, led the due diligence and the series A investment round into BIOX and then became the board chair and member of the exec committee. BIOX pioneered novel chemistry developed at U of T to convert waste fats from used cooking oils and animal rendering plants into biodiesel. The problem we solved was that oil and water don’t mix, causing the mass transfer to be restricted and the process to take up to 8 hours in a batch mode. The fats are oils and the methanol and sodium hydroxide required to convert the free fatty acids in the animal fats and used cooking oils into triglycerides are aqueous. Using a co-solvent we created a system in which both the fats and the aqueous reaction chemicals became a solution, thereby solving the mass transfer bottleneck. We were then able to design a continuous flow reactor that converted the fats to triglycerides in 4 minutes vs 8 hours.

2007 – Present, a general partner in a boutique Canadian focused venture capital fund. In 2011-12 a general partner in an ag tech private equity fund

In 2020, a co-founder if Stormont Partners, Canada’s only real estate focused merchant bank

In 2020, a founding investor and director of Fieldless Farms – a pioneer in indoor controlled environment agriculture in Canada.

Sold our family business in 1999, since then invested in and co-founded more than 15 businesses, some startups and some buyouts in manufacturing.

Engaged in local and African philanthropy, currently focused on TOSTAN and Talent Beyond Boundaries, as a board member and donor