Janet Krayden

Janet Krayden

Workforce Specialist, Crystal Clear Connections

Janet Krayden is the CEO and a Consultant for Crystal Clear Connections, a company that represents agriculture industry associations and companies, helping them to win, grow and succeed. Her clients include the Canadian Mushroom Growers’ Association (CMGA), Canadian Meat Council (CMC), Alberta Beekeepers’ Commission (ABC), and more. She is a workforce specialist supporting agri-food employers and workers on emerging issues. She helps her agri-food clients in navigate federal and provincial programs to help fill job vacancies when Canadians do not apply. Much of her work is focused on supporting training, recruitment, and advocating for better government programs for workers and employers. On behalf of her clients, she has been very involved and supportive of the development of the federal Agri-Food Immigration Pilot (AFIP) that will help farm and food workers access a new pathway to permanent residency through criteria that will let them stay and immigrate.

Recently, she developed and led the Mushroom Fair Labour and Ethical Recruitment Program for the CMGA which conducted 15 workshop and webinar training sessions, 7 surveys and helped resolve over 180 workforce issues mushroom farms were having during the pandemic.

She also led the Quality AgriWorkforce Management Program: International Phase for the Canadian Agricultural Human Resource Council (CAHRC) in 2019, which was an employer training intuitive that provided workshops and webinars to over 500 farmers in a 3-month period.

Prior to working for CAHRC for six years, she worked in government relations, communications, and stakeholder engagement for agricultural organizations that included the Grain Growers of Canada. She was a Legislative Assistant on Parliament Hill for five years, as well as a columnist for the Calgary Sun.

She lives in a small town near Ottawa, and comes from a farm background in Acme, Alberta. She knows how to fix fence and drive a tractor without GPS.