Douglas Woodhouse

Dr. Douglas Woodhouse

Medical Director, Alberta Physician Learning Program, Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Family Medicine, University of Calgary, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Northern Ontario School of Medicine, Executive Director and Owner, Apix Performance

Douglas Woodhouse is a physician-engineer with both clinical and consulting experience in healthcare. Douglas applies tools and techniques from other industries in healthcare to improve efficiency and safety. He has worked with over 150 healthcare teams across Europe and North America to improve their clinical processes. He currently works as a hospitalist physician, runs his own healthcare consulting company and is a Medical Director with the Alberta Physician Learning Program leading a team dedicated to supporting data-driven process improvement.

Douglas has personal experience working in health systems in Canada, the Netherlands and the United States and an understanding of how policy and system design impact care delivery. Previously, Douglas lived in the Netherlands and worked as a Senior Consultant at Plexus (now KPMG-Plexus), a leading consultancy in European healthcare.

Douglas obtained his medical degree at Queen's University and completed his training as a Family Physician at the University of Alberta. He has worked as a hospitalist, emergency physician and in primary care. Douglas holds academic appointments at the University of Calgary and at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine.

Douglas has a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He was previously responsible for process design and quality control for a large electronics manufacturing company and ran his own business providing consulting services for enterprise resource planning software.