Corrina Hill

Corrina Hill

Manager, BC Hydro Health and Recovery Services

Corrina Hill is currently the Manager for BC Hydro’s Health and Recovery Services and a forever student of organizational health. She holds accountability for the health promotion and disability management programs at BC Hydro where she’s worked for the last 15 years. She’s been recognized by her colleagues for her curiosity, collaboration and mental health promotion. She has a proven track record of developing effective programs and processes to support the health and productivity of employees all while enhancing consistent practises across the organization.

Throughout Corrina’s 25+ year career, she has worked with many different organizations in various program management and operational roles and even as a business owner – all roles geared toward promoting health at a corporate level, community level or in an academic setting. She has a Master’s of Science in Health Promotion and an undergraduate degree in Communications. Outside of her work, she enjoys spending time with her daughter and exploring the great outdoor playground that she lives in, usually via a pair of trail running shoes!

Jennie graduated with a Master's in Education (Adaptive Instruction) from Ontario Institute of Education in Toronto in 2004. She taught school for a few years, ultimately transitioning into one-on-one clinic work at Angus Lloyd Associates in downtown Toronto. As Senior Consultant and Staff Trainer, Jennie oversaw all teaching and training within the clinic. She also provided teacher training and monitoring to public and private school boards across Ontario.

Having put herself through her university degrees by working in restaurants, Jennie occasionally worked alongside her chef husband for special events. In 2017, they decided to return to their home province and open a restaurant. The motivation was two-fold: to see if they could create and maintain a respectful, positive, and healthy work environment in a sector that employs a vulnerable population; and, to contribute to New Brunswick in a meaningful way.

The Domestic and Intimate Partner Training provided by GNB represents the type of training that is often offered in more conventional work settings, but is sometimes ignored by segments of the food and beverage industry. Offering these types of trainings contributes to the ultimate goal of creating safer spaces within the industry.