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November 2020

The spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has created uncertainty in all global markets. We’re doing our best to provide timely updates, but information can fall out of date quickly. All products related to our COVID-19 coverage will be available for free on our website. To access them, go to Any errors or omissions are the responsibility of The Conference Board of Canada.

About the Index of consumer confidence

The consumer confidence survey has been ongoing since 1960. It is conducted monthly by The Conference Board of Canada and is administered by Leger.

The Index of consumer confidence is constructed from responses to four attitudinal questions posed to a sample of Canadian households. Those surveyed are asked to give their views about their households’ current and expected financial positions and the short-term employment outlook. They are also asked to assess whether now is a good or a bad time to make a major purchase such as a house, a car, or other big-ticket items.

The latest results are based on responses to our online survey of over 3,000 Canadians.