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Vijay Gill

Vijay Gill, Assistant Vice-President, North America
Vijay Gill is CPCS's Assistant Vice President for North America. Since joining CPCS he has led several studies related to urban congestion, highway cost allocation, supply chain logistics, transportation policy and urban goods movement. Before joining CPCS in January 2015 he was Director, Policy

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Canadian exports bound for Europe and Asia are increasing. This report explores whether or not Canada's rail-to-marine networks will be able to accommodate forecasted growth in...
The Conference Board of Canada | 144 pages | April 2016 | by Len Coad, James Knowles, Allison Robins, Vijay Gill, Vincent Lauerman
The arrival of automated vehicles (AVs) is imminent. This report provides an overview of the potential benefits of AVs and highlights issues that we need to start planning for—now.
The Conference Board of Canada | 72 pages | January 2015 | by Vijay Gill, Brian Flemming, Paul Godsmark, Barrie Kirk
The Bucks Stop Here explores the increasing income inequality between different generations of Canadians by using Canada Revenue Agency tax data from 1984 to 2010 to compare the...
The Conference Board of Canada | 50 pages | September 2014 | by Vijay Gill, James Knowles, David Stewart-Patterson
This briefing summarizes waste production and management in Ontario, and reviews the economic impacts of waste diversion from jurisdictions across North America, in order to provide...
The Conference Board of Canada | 20 pages | May 2014 | by Vijay Gill, James Knowles
Ce rapport propose une réforme de la gestion de l’offre des produits laitiers axée sur la croissance. Avec notre approche, l’industrie accroît sa productivité et crée des emplois,...
Le Conference Board du Canada | 132 pages | March 2014 | by Michael Grant, Richard Barichello, Mark Liew, Vijay Gill
How are private-private partnerships (P3) in Canada faring? Both the benefits and drawbacks of P3 procurement are examined, as well as the potential for creating export opportunities...
The Conference Board of Canada | 70 pages | August 2013 | by Vijay Gill, Sarah Dimick
This report offers policy recommendations for developing much-needed transportation infrastructure in Canada’s North, given its importance for creating community links, enhancing...
The Conference Board of Canada | 78 pages | December 2011 | by Marta Bristow, Vijay Gill
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