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Louis Thériault

Louis Thériault, Vice-President, Policy Research
Louis Thériault was the Vice-President, Industry Strategy and Public Policy for The Conference Board of Canada. Louis joined the Conference Board of Canada in 1997, where he specialized in economic and policy analysis. He was responsible for research and networks in the areas of national

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Cette étude évalue l’impact économique et sanitaire d’une réduction de la prévalence au Québec des maladies chroniques et des facteurs de risque qui leur sont associés.
Le Conference Board du Canada | 81 pages | November 2014 | by Fares Bounajm, Thy Dinh, Louis Theriault
This compendium report is the last publication of the research series Improving Primary Health Care Through Collaboration, which includes: Briefing 1—Current Knowledge About Interprofessional...
The Conference Board of Canada | 102 pages | March 2014 | by Thy Dinh, Carole Stonebridge, Louis Theriault
This report estimates the economic footprint of home and community care in Canada, highlighting the implications of caregiving employees for businesses, and shedding light on the...
The Conference Board of Canada | 66 pages | May 2012 | by Gregory Hermus, Carole Stonebridge, Louis Theriault, Fares Bounajm
This report provides forecasts of chronic lung disease rates and associated economic burden to the year 2030, to help policy-makers determine effective chronic lung health policies...
The Conference Board of Canada | 62 pages | March 2012 | by Louis Theriault, Gregory Hermus, Danielle Goldfarb, Carole Stonebridge, Fares Bounajm
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