Solutions to Sustain Canada’s Labour Force

The Conference Board of Canada, January 15, 2019
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Canada’s most dominant cohort, the baby boomers, are retiring in droves. As such, Canada will see a significant restructuring of its labour market in the decades to come and is at risk of seeing its labour force shrink if it does not take proactive measures to grow it. Canada’s main measure has been to welcome immigrants which has resulted in immigration accounting for some 90 per cent of its labour force growth in recent years.

However, there are other solutions to sustain labour force growth; namely, by boosting the labour force participation rates of under-represented groups such as Indigenous peoples. Drawing upon a new Conference Board of Canada study, this webinar will discuss the trajectory of Canada’s labour force growth in the coming decades. What will it look like and how would different scenarios (weak vs. modest labour force growth) affect real GDP growth? The webinar will also forecast the drivers of labour force growth (Canadian school leavers and immigration). It will conclude with a discussion on how technological change (e.g., automation and artificial intelligence) might impact Canada’s future labour force needs.

Webinar Highlights

Benefits of viewing this recorded webinar include learning about:

  • What is the national forecast of labour force entrants (school leavers and immigrants) vs exits (retirements and other attrition) between 2018-2040?
  • How would boosting the labour force participation rates of under-represented groups (e.g., Indigenous peoples) to the national average impact labour force and economic growth between 2018-2040?
  • How would weak vs. modest labour force growth impact real GDP growth?
  • The potential role that technological advancement could have on Canada’s labour force needs (e.g., need for immigrants)

About Kareem

Kareem El-Assal is a Senior Research Associate and Senior Network Manager, Immigration. Kareem manages the Conference Board's immigration research and annual Canadian Immigration Summit. His research covers various areas including permanent resident selection, settlement and integration, temporary foreign worker programs, refugees, international students, intergovernmental relations, and entrepreneur and investor programs. He often shares the Conference Board's research findings with the media.

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