Canadian Health Care in 2035: Service Offerings, Roles, and Accountability

The Conference Board of Canada, 32 pages, January 15, 2018
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Highlights for Canadian Health Care in 2035

In November 2016, The Conference Board of Canada’s Canadian Alliance for Sustainable Health Care (CASHC) held a Strategic Foresight workshop to examine the possible future roles of different players in the Canadian health care system from funding, service delivery, and governance perspectives.
Canadian Health Care in 2035: Service Offerings, Roles, and Accountability builds on four scenarios developed in a previous workshop that explored how health care in Canada would be funded in 2035. The four scenarios were titled:

  1. A Taxing Health Care System
  2. Paying for Your Health
  3. Health Care With a Human Touch
  4. The Health Care Warehouse

Using these scenarios, participants imagined a range of opportunities and challenges related to service offerings, roles, and accountability. There is much to understand about how health care stakeholders can best prepare for a wide range of potential future challenges and issues.

Table of Contents


Executive Summary


Scenarios on the Future of Health Care Funding Revisited

Scenario 1: A Taxing Health Care System

Scenario 2: Paying for Your Health

Scenario 3: Health Care With a Human Touch

Scenario 4: The Health Care Warehouse

Implications for Health Care


Appendix A Bibliography

Appendix B Workshop Participants

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