Evaluating Government Programs That Support Business Innovation: Framework and Principles

The Conference Board of Canada, 56 pages, January 4, 2018
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This report clarifies the meaning and importance of business innovation according to the latest developments in how industry, governments, and academia need to approach it.

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Governments all over the world are putting more emphasis on supporting innovation to ensure economic and social prosperity related to increased global competition and rapidly changing technologies, markets, and people’s expectations. Canada is doing the same, but its innovation performance is mid-class among developed countries. Proper evaluations of government programs supporting innovation represent a great opportunity for a better understanding of the issues involved in nurturing, developing, and exploiting innovation as a national resource for Canada. Evaluating Government Programs That Support Business Innovation proposes a comprehensive framework for managing and evaluating innovation support programs and outlines the principles for assessing such programs. The reportlooks at how proper evaluation data can be used to enhance program relevance, its effectiveness, and management efficiencies. Some examples of metrics for hybrid academic-industry innovation support programs—in terms of relevance, effectiveness, and efficiency—are provided in this report, as well as potential factors for success or failure and lists of recommended questions for surveys.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Chapter 1 What Business Innovation Is About

  • Government Support of Innovation in Canada

Chapter 2 Innovation Program Evaluation: Framework and Principles

  • Management Framework for Innovation Support Programs
  • Innovation Support Program Evaluation
  • Top Level Program Indicators and Measurements

Chapter 3 Example of Metrics for Hybrid Academic-Industrongry Innovation Support Programs

  • Examples of Metrics of Program Relevance
  • Examples of Metrics of Program Effectiveness
  • Examples of Metrics of Program Efficiency

Chapter 4 Forward Views on Evaluating Government Innovation Support Programs

Appendix A L istrong of Potential Factors for Success

Appendix B Listrong of Potential Impediments (Challenges) to Success

Appendix C Bibliography

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