Welcome to Canada: Foreign Direct Investment and Innovation

The Conference Board of Canada, 74 pages, November 13, 2017
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Canadians often lament the “loss” of another Canadian company when it is acquired by a foreign company. This report, however, finds a positive relationship between foreign direct investment and Canadian innovation.

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When an innovative Canadian company is acquired by a foreign company, Canadians may instinctively lament the “loss” of another innovative Canadian company. This initial reaction needs to be tempered. We have to be open to the possibility that a merger and acquisition may actually lead to more innovative activity in Canada. But more importantly, we need to consider individual acquisitions in a broader context of cross-border investment and innovation, a context that includes multiple channels and incoming and outgoing flows.

Welcome to Canada: Foreign Direct Investment and Innovation has found a positive relationship between FDI and Canadian innovation. This conclusion holds across different kinds of flows and investment types.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1–Introduction

  • Objectives
  • Method
  • Guide to the Report

Chapter 2–Conceptual Framework

  • Investment
  • Innovation and Investment
  • Foreign Investments and Innovation
  • Conclusion

Chapter 3–Recent Trends

  • Top Line Evidence
  • Do Foreign Investors Innovate in Canada?
  • Channels of Foreign Investment
  • The Venture Capital Channel

Chapter 4–Case Studies

  • Case 1: Open Text Corporation Acquires Dell Enterprise Content Division
  • Case 2: Salesforce.com Inc. Acquires Radian6
  • Case 3: Ritchie Bros. Acquires IronPlanet
  • Case 4: New Enterprise Associates Invests in D2L Corporation
  • Case 5: Pratt & Whitney Canada Innovates From a Canadian Base

Chapter 5–Conclusions

  • The Pros and Cons of Cross-Border M&As
  • Foreign Direct Investors Are Among the Innovation Leaders
  • U.S. Venture Capital Fills the Gaps
  • Implications for Canadian Policy

Appendix A–Bibliography

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