After Pneumonia: Addressing the Health and Economic Burden of Pneumonia in Canada

The Conference Board of Canada, January 17, 2018
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The Conference Board of Canada has engaged in research series on the burden of pneumonia in Canada, which has debilitating impacts on seniors, children, and the immune-compromised population. Pneumonia can also arise as a costly complication during hospital stay, with some patients experiencing longer length of stay and associated costs after developing pneumonia compared to other reasons for hospitalization.

Changing demographics, namely an aging and growing population, will play a key role in the future health and economic impact of pneumonia on the health care system, to the economy, and to society. With annual costs increasing from $216 million in 2010 to $532 million in 2025, addressing pneumonia today is necessary.

Join the Conference Board’s Alexandru Dobrescu and Thy Dinh, as they walk through the research findings and the policy and practice implications for addressing the burden of disease in Canada.

Webinar Highlights

The discussion will:

  • Examine the economic burden of pneumonia in Canada under a status quo projection over the next 25 years;
  • Examine trends in the post-hospitalization pathway for pneumonia versus patients who are hospitalized for other reasons;
  • Discuss the policy and practice implications of the research and identify opportunities to address the burden of pneumonia today and into the future.

About Alexandru

Photo of Alexandru DobrescuAlexandru Dobrescu is a Research Associate/Analyst for the Canadian Alliance for Sustainable Health Care (CASHC). He provides research support and quantitative analysis to CASHC projects. Before joining the Board, Alexandru worked with a health care start-up creating technology-based smoking cessation tools capable of compiling datasets on smoking behaviour. Alexandru obtained a M.A. in economics from McGill University, where his graduate research focussed on the relationship between the consumption of alcoholic beverages and fluctuations in economic cycles.

About Thy

Photo of Thy DinhDr. Thy Dinh is the Director of Health Economics and Policy at the Conference Board. The majority of her research falls under the Canadian Alliance for Sustainable Health Care (CASHC). At the Conference Board, Thy has led the research on the health and economic impact of interprofessional primary care teams, the health economics of healthy active living, and the return-on-investment of expanded pharmacy services. Thy has a Master of Science degree in Epidemiology from Queen’s University and a PhD in Population Health from the University of Ottawa.

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