An Innovative Immigration System at 150 and Beyond

The Conference Board of Canada, 32 pages, August 14, 2017
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This report summarizes the Canadian Immigration Summit 2017’s discussion points and recommendations on how Canada can strengthen its immigration system and gives an overview of the importance of immigration to Canada’s economic future.

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On the eve of the country’s 150th anniversary, The Conference Board of Canada hosted the Canadian Immigration Summit 2017: Innovating at 150 and Beyond. Over 300 delegates attended the event in Ottawa. This briefing summarizes the Summit’s discussion points and recommendations; gives an overview of the importance of immigration to Canada’s economic future; and highlights key remarks made by federal and provincial immigration ministers at the event. It also looks at two important questions explored at the Summit:

  1. With populism on the rise globally, how can Canada maintain public support for its immigration system?
  2. With the federal government set to boost immigration levels, how many immigrants should Canada admit moving forward?

The report then provides delegate suggestions on how Canada can improve its selection, settlement and integration, and citizenship policies.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

An Innovative Immigration System at 150 and Beyond

  • Introduction
  • Overview
  • Immigration in Canada’s Economic Growth Equation
  • Ministerial Remarks
  • Maintaining Public Support for Immigration in the Era of Brexit and Trump
  • Sending the Right Messages to Global Talent
  • How Many Immigrants Does Canada Need in the Future?
  • Refining Canada’s Selection Policies
  • Should Canada Admit More Semi-Skilled Immigrants?
  • Strengthening the Immigration-Innovation Nexus
  • Improving Canada’s Business Immigration Programs
  • The Importance of Pre-arrival Services
  • Integrating Skilled Immigrants Into the Labour Market
  • Connecting Refugees With Employment Opportunities
  • The Municipal Role in Canadian Immigration
  • Citizenship
  • Conclusion
  • Canadian Immigration Summit 2018

Appendix A–Canadian Immigration Summit 2017 Resources

Appendix B–Bibliography

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